Please set forum moderator status to current moderator. There are several reasons:

1. Forum is full of spambot's garbage that burries actual threads about the game. Things like this one need to be deleted:
This spambot is so irritating I just had to write this to you. While it's in my opinion the most important thing to address, it's actually not the only reason.

2. Some expired events and outdated materials are still marked as sticky threads. Those should be "unstuck" and archived. Or deleted.

3. Some not sticky yet expired events are still open and people are still posting in them bumping now irrelevant thread above actual ones, burrying more important threads with ongoing events. Those old events that ended should be locked.

4. Finally, while I do edit my posts as much as I can but there is always a possibility I didn't remove some parts that are, let's call it, bad, parts that shouldn't sound as they do. In such cases moderator should be able to edit posts made by others.

Current moderator can't do anything about these as he's marked as junior member instead of moderator in forum settings. So please, update their permissions.
Thanks in advance.