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Dreaming Kitty
Last Activity: 12-14-2017, 09:42 PM
Joined: 07-12-2017

  • Visitor message from Hylian_Likely

    Hylian_Likely posted a Visitor Message for Dreaming Kitty
    I sent a message to the forum admin (through the "Contact us" button on the forums) about my interest in becoming a moderator- it doesn't seem like an inbox by the Name of Admin is working.

    I am not sure if any of those messages sent, (none show up in my sent folder)
    but I am definitely interested in helping out as a moderator- the forums could use some management and cleanup.

    I am a 100% legitimate paid player, Kimo from S77.
    VIP4, soon to be 5.

    I am #1 at most everything on the server and do not use bugs or exploits when I play. I've posted a few strategy guides (also without bugs or exploits) on the forums and would love to work as a mod to clean up some of the spam posts, and get more information written up about the game! I've been playing and using the forums for a month or two now.

    I play all day, pretty much every day so I have plenty of time to devote to it.
    I know the game inside and out- and would love a chance to join the team.

    I'm from Seattle Washington USA, and I write a lot of guides for free to play games but this is definitely my new favorite.

    I've administrated and moderated forums before for larping and computer gaming groups, so I have some experience there.
    More than anything, what gives me an advantage over others.... I am patient, persistent, polite, and helpful whenever I'm able.

    Even if you don't chose me I am still going to keep writing stuff and boosting the community because I love this game!

  • Hylian_Likely
    I just realized my email address got cropped off my signature in this message
    I can be reached at the email I registered for the forums under:

    Thanks again

  • Dreaming Kitty
    thanks for your enthusiasm, and we'll send a confirmation to you as soon as possible. have a nice day.
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