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Possibly the most optimal way to get awakened hero types (for nonVIPs)

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  • Possibly the most optimal way to get awakened hero types (for nonVIPs)

    If you asked me yesterday if this is even possible, I'd reply no, these heroes are for VIPs so either pay up or shove off.

    And then in Battlefield today, Kaiserul appeared and told me there is a way.
    And there actually is! I can't believe it didn't cross my mind. I'm stupid, I mean it's so obvious.


    Okay, you're not VIP and you won't become VIP but you plan to play the game. For a long time.
    Please peek at this thread ment for VIPs - note what I said to buy with gold diamonds:

    Vitality, yes. That's the most important factor in the equotation.
    So what Kaiserul does?
    Spends vitality only on daily quest for XP, but he still buys vitality all 8 possible times, grabs those freebies at dinner and lunch, buys if there is some on sale - and piles it up. Up and up, day by day till Treasure appears.
    And then, during Treasure interval of three days, he spends it in the Explorer event that gives crapload of free Honor Cards.

    I didn't put it to calculation, but he says all you need is to have 1440 vitality at the moment the event starts and you'll be getting average 6 honor points per event.
    I have every reason to trust him as in that other thread I suggested to VIPs buying vitality twice (500+500) and leaving the reward for the third day (cca 500).

    Yea, doing this before level 100 will mean not going "forward march" with leveling up, but honestly? After level 75 there is nothing exciting: rank up weapons that was supposed to appear on level 80 is not active and god knows on what level guild wars and stuff were planned to unlock.
    But after level 100 there is absolutely no excuse not to start doing exactly this.


    So there. I'll try to have more details with screenshots and steps on the next Treasure event to share, can't do anything now in this currently ongoing one.
    Suddenly getting all 4 awakened heroes before all 8 RS skins isn't just a dream, right?

    Thanks Kaiserul!

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    so basically all you have to do is, gathering all the available vitality, then using it during those 3 days, make sure that you clear the story mode 240 times everyday , try it once you won't be disappointing
    thanks for the guide joxer, couldn't have explained it better,


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      lol joxer I figured that out b4 ur post and if you are limited you can skeez 1 extra day in b4 reset but you need to x his amount and don't forget to include what you can get dayly
      ‚ÄčI did hosestly thought it was 1300to 1450 more he is a lot closer