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  • about healers

    Healers might be useful for pve, doing story line and survive the sky arena but, when you get closer to end game, you don't want to waste that spot using one.

    Main reason are the R-Life codes. With a good one you can easily heal around 1m HP each round (2m using a bond like Franklin).

    If you are still on an early stage of the game, and you are using healers on your team, you should have in mind some things:

    · Leorio (blue) you won't need him with the Captain + Ponzu combo, don't waste any resoruces on him.

    · Neon (purple) she is the only way your Kortopi will have to use an eva bond (+ 10% eva). You should make her full stars. Her "Seer" ability can come in handy even on end game.

    · Kalluto (gold) you should buy his skin and make him full stars. Skin gives 10% dmg reduction and his bond + 20% ATK.

    · Shizuku (red) at this point you shouldn't need a healer anymore, focus on getting a good code. Her bond is awful, as well as her skills overall. Don't waste your red souls on her,

    So Neon and Kalluto are the only healers in the game you should focus on in my opinion.

    What do you guys think?

    Please discuss and coment!
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    kalluto is male


    • Joxer
      Joxer commented
      Editing a comment

      Kalluto's kimono is black with white and violet edges. He has an overall feminine appearance, which has led him to be mistaken for a girl.

      When he was younger, he wore a sweater and pants like the rest of his siblings.

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    you are right, gonna change that.


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      There is also Rare Leorio which is in my opinion more useful than Neon, but definelty not as useful as Kalluto in active party, even if a player still doesn't have Kalluto skin. He's a fantastic bond as he provides debuff immunity and EVA.

      Again in my opinion a player should use blue Leorio for a first few days for two reasons:
      - there is a reward for getting all heroes to three stars and blue gems are "cheap" to collect, later you'll turn them into purple gems anyway through Helper
      - at evol pills mighty list day, having him in the party means 100 blue diamonds less to use for bringing one hero to evolution 5 trick as one will just split him instead of recycling

      After player does those two things, there is absolutely no reason to waste team space on him. He should be replaced with either Neon or Rare Leorio.

      And Shizuku? She's is worse hero than Illumi. He can at least be used as bond while she sucks even in that part. I'm not sure why are those two heroes so popular, never used either of them in the active team.
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        There is nobody worse than illumi xd


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          totally agree with you here i noticed a large difference when i removed shizuku from my active team