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Possibly the most optimal way to get awakened hero types (for VIPs and those who want to become VIPs)

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  • Possibly the most optimal way to get awakened hero types (for VIPs and those who want to become VIPs)

    Those who read the forum thoroughly could notice me asking about this couple of months back when JLoL was still around:
    As I didn't get an answer I'd call an appropriate, I devised my own "strategy" how to get an awakened hero without having to become VIP15. And then someone on the chat asked about that too and I promised to write it on the forum.

    In my opinion it belongs in this forum section. A moneysaver strategy.


    Some short notes about awakened heroes:

    - The price of each is 80 prestige and you won't see them offered in Treasure event before you reach level 85.

    - Awakened Gon is stun capable tank but unlike Uvogin and Beans has no revive ability, which means he's pretty much useless in live party (stuns can be blocked or avoided).

    - Awakened Killua is the only hero in the whole game that can avoid Chrollo's ulti. Not immune to debuffs but you can bond on him Rare Leorio or Rare Kurapika. If there is a hero that's pay2win in this game, that's him. Not Silva and not Zeno.

    - Awakened Kurapika (or sad/silly translation Scarlet Kurapika) is immune to debuffs, aims the opponent's lowest health hero and and lowers their fury. Sadly, he can't lower fury of the pet and when the pet ults... Anyway, I don't see why would anyone use him in live party.

    - Awakened Leorio is the ultimate buffer hero, there is absolutely no better support than him in the game, he's Shalnark on steroids. I wish I could see a party with both him and Shalnark boosting the team's fury to full possibly each round.


    General stuff to take into consideration:

    MOST IMPORTANT: Do not do any of this if you still see 7days, 14days or 21days icons on your server. Because till those are over, you won't be able to get Hunt Scrolls.

    1. Treasure event rotates and appears cca every 10 days. Which means you'll see it at least 3 times per month. And it lasts for 3 days.

    2. During Treasure event, in Groupbuy sale it's possible to get packs of 10 Hunt Scrolls for 70- gold diamonds (10 rolls, cheaper than "paying" normally 100 gold diamonds for 10 rolls)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	treasure groupbuy.jpg
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ID:	1984

    3. In that same Groupbuy sale it's possible to buy 500 energy (or stamina as the game calls it) for 240 gold diamonds. This is important if you're still under level 100 and is used in Explorer event that appears during Treasure event. Your aim is getting Hunt Scrolls, but if on normal Sale you spot tons of energy sold for blue diamonds, you can try to get also 800 evol pills stage reward:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	treasure explorer.jpg
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ID:	1983

    4. Normal Sale refreshes it's offer every day at 12:00 server time. If it didn't offer energy before noon, it might offer it at refresh, so don't forget to check it up. Apart from that, don't forget to get 60 free energy during 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 every day.


    The "strategy":

    Day 1

    1. Wait till noon. When offers on sale refresh, buy enough of them for blue diamonds till Discount button is lit, then buy 400 gold diamonds through that button (you get a nice bonus of 200 blue diamonds), that's $10

    2. Open Groupbuy and and buy either 500 energy (240 gold diamonds, recommended option for event) or 3 times packs of 10 Hunt Scrolls (cca 200 gold diamonds, not recommended)

    3. DO NOT click any of event rewards that will give you more energy. Save them for the third day! Well unless you need some after dinner to complete "clear story mode 240 times" but honestly, I don't see how this would be necessary.

    4. Do everything you normally do (quests, events, whatever) and use Hunt Scrolls you got in Treasure screen to get some more of those. Don't spend any gold diamonds there!

    Day 2

    1. Click on top-up icon, buy 200 gold diamonds, that's $5.

    2. Open Groupbuy and and buy either 500 energy (240 gold diamonds, recommended option for event) or 3 times packs of 10 Hunt Scrolls (cca 200 gold diamonds, not recommended)

    3. You want a reward from spending 600gold diamonds (Golden Gift event) so buy 2-3 packs of Hunt scrolls and use them in Treasure screen till it reaches 600 gold diamonds spent.

    4. Again, DO NOT click any of event rewards that will give you more energy. Save those for the next day!

    5. Do everything you normally do and use Hunt Scrolls you got in Treasure screen.

    Day 3

    1. Open Groupbuy, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it's over. No buying possible. Well, now you know why you were saving that energy! To use for Exploration event today and getting more Hunt Scrolls.

    2. If for some reason you didn't have 600 diamonds total to spend previous day, buy 200 more through top-up icon ($5), but just this time. Just never again. And complete 600 gold diamonds spent event by rolling 1 by 1 dice in Treasure screen till the total of spent gold diamonds reaches 600.

    3. Do whatever you normally do, claim all those rewards with energy today and complete all Explorer stages with Hunt Scrolls then use them all in Treasure screen.

    4. If total of Hunter's treasure is 4-5 lit (blue) gems, spend some more gold diamonds on rolls to get one or two more which will be total of 6 which will transform them all to 2 prestige.



    If unlucky, in the end of each Treasure event you'll net 5 honor points, if very lucky you'll net 7. Normally you'll get 6 honor total per each event and all you have to do is patiently wait for the next one.

    Let's say you'll need to do this 15 times to finally get 80 honor (almost pessimistic 80/5.5=14.5). Since a total cash spent per one event is $10(1st day)+$5(second day)=$15, that'll cost you in the end (cca):

    Aka if you weren't VIP before doing any of this, you'll slowly over time become VIP6 ($200+ spent).

    Time? Since the event appears 3 times per month, it will take you 5 months, of course if unlucky. If lucky and you get 7 honor or even more at each event, good for you!

    Now one might say 5 months is a loooooooooooong time. Well, you didn't say that when it comes to collecting shards for two R-S hero skins (80+80=160 days).

    All that's left is your decision to go for it or not. Do you really want an awakened hero in your roster or you'd rather buy yourself something else for that cash. Dunno what, let's say for example WD Passport Pro 4Tb. Or nice and shiny GTX 1060 6Gb so you can play The Witcher 3 with hairworks. Or SSD of "huge" capacity. Or maybe it's time to replace your old monitor with 1080p capable one that can go 144Hz like Asus VG248QE. Etc.
    Whatever you like the most, your choice.

    If any of you have some better suggestion, please shoot. I'll appreciate some feedback.
    Till then, let me go back to the game, I still have to complete today's Explorer event for some more Hunt Scrolls.
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    Now I see, thanks for making this