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About runes and books (codes)

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  • About runes and books (codes)

    Because I got some questions and we don't have any thread about this (I didn't spot one)...
    And in my opinion this official guide is not detailed enough:


    For new players and those who feel like that

    General info on runes:
    1. There are 8 types of runes each improving percentage of one attribute: HP/ATK/DEF/AGI/ACC/EVA/CRIT(chance)/TEN
    2. No rune improves Block_AVD, Damage or Crit Damage (guild training, hero skills, hero bonding or temporary boost while in dungeon or sky tower)
    3. Runes can go to level 10 max (currently)
    4. Combining three same type runes of certain level makes one rune of that type a level higher (example: three ATK runes level 3 combined will grant you one ATK rune level 4)

    General info on books (codes):
    1. Orange books do not exist, the game for some reason calls gold books as orange
    2. Book quality from lowest to highest (currently) is determined by their color: blue < purple < gold < red
    3. Better quality a book is, more potions (code EXP) or other books are needed to enhance it per level
    4. Depending on book quality a certain max amount of different type runes can be inlaid in those: blue 3 runes, purple 4, gold 5 and red can accept 6 runes max.
    5. Different type I said above - you can't have two or more ATK runes for example on the same book, just one
    6. To inlay more than one rune in a book a player has to unlock rune spots by code tappers (you can buy 20 of those daily from guild shop) or blue diamonds (not recommended!)
    7. Gold and red books can advance additionally to 10 stars with code stones, these stones you get from events or by code split option in Recycle menu
    8. Books have random stats (you can see them on tooltip when hovering mouse pointer over a book or in Advance tab): purple have 1, gold have 2 and red have 3 random stats
    9. ALL code tappers invested in a book always return when you use it for enhancing another book or when you recycle/rebirth it, but not all code stones

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    For players who already know all of that above - hints

    General info on spending real $, gold diamonds, blue diamonds, Association tokens and code coins:
    1. Don't buy gold books in academy shop. Even if it can save your life, just don't. Buy runes instead.
    2. Don't buy potions (code EXP) in academy shop unless you need a few for Mighty List in the first week of the server. Even if it can save your life, just don't. Buy runes instead.
    3. Don't buy gold books in Association event. Even if it can save your life, just don't. Buy runes instead. Use last day leftover coins on potions and if possible on red code shards.

    Unless of course you have 10 runes of each type on level 10. Till you do, buy only runes. Don't buy books nor potions!

    General additional info:
    1. Never ever use Code Rebirth, it will not reset useless random stats on a book and will only steal your hard earned blue diamonds
    2. Avoid advancing gold books because book recycle (later when you get red books) won't return all of code stones invested in those
    3. Before combining fragments make sure you can get more than 20 items, this raises odds of getting better items, so don't just combine a few fragments daily, gather tons of those first!


    Just some random personal thoughts

    All heroes need (desperately) ATK/DEF/CRIT/TEN runes in both books equipped on them as high level as possible. All.

    Depending on a hero however the rest of runes (max two more in red books) won't be the same. Just as example Uvogin of course will love two HP runes because of his revival passive, runes that won't have much effect on DPS heroes.

    Books that don't contain at least one of next random stats are plain worthless and you should recycle them as soon as possible:
    - Leech (% of damage dealt will be used for self healing) - ATK books
    - Causes a Cri... (Crit damage is higher if target's health is halved) - ATK books
    - Recover HP (HP +% per round) - LIFE books
    - Recover Fury (Fury +x each round) - LIFE books
    - Evasion to re... (Recover x Fury each round during evasion) - LIFE books

    Books that contain all of those, in other words, books like this one should be your longterm goal:

    Click image for larger version

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    If I missed to mention something or someone has a question, feel free to shoot.
    Also if you disagree with anything from above, please add it as all of this is based only on my experience and it's possible I didn't take something important into "equation". Any feedback will be appreciated.

    P.S. Practice cards, Vigor cards and strategy regarding academy and corresponding events are not topic of this thread. For questions or thoughts about those, please use another thread.
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