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A little advice about evolution and character stacking...

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  • A little advice about evolution and character stacking...

    So, I figured I'd post this to let newer players know the two types of team builds in this game. PVE and PVP.

    For PVE, it is best to have a balanced team, where you spread your nen practice, evolution, gear enhance, etc. because you want to be able to 3-star all of the PVE levels. Note: It is a good idea to give your top DPS first priority in this build, but the other Hunters will need decent stats to stay alive as well.

    For PVP, the top strategy at the moment seems to be "single-stacking". This is just the term I use for it, but it basically means putting all of your nen practice, EVO, gear, etc. onto your top DPS (usually Chrollo for players past level 70). The reason players do this for PVP is because, unlike in PVE, it doesn't matter if your whole team survives, you're trying to wipe out your opponent as fast as possible. I can say from trying this strategy that it is very strong for PVP, because stacking EVO, gear, and nen practice on one character makes that character very hard to kill AND makes them do loads of damage.

    I just thought I'd write this in case any newer players were confused as to why they were losing to a team that may have less nen, but isn't using any known bugs or exploits. It is most likely due to a single overpowered DPS.

    Have fun out there, and be sure to think about these two strategies when building your team!