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  • Formation

    In Hunter OL, players need to frequently adjust the team formation according to boss skills.

    Boss skills generally have the following targets: all, a random target, around a target, 2 random targets, all targets in the front row, all targets in the back, a random target in the back row, all targets in a line, the target with the highest ATK, the target with the lowest HP, etc.

    Meanwhile, there are multiple types of heroes based on stats: defensive tank, DPS tank, damage dealer, healer, support, etc.

    During a battle, the key to passing stages and obtaining three stars is to avoid as much boss skill damage as possible. It is necessary to adjust the formation based on hero stats.

    The basic rule is to deploy a tank to the front row and a healer to the back row.

    However, when boss skills target the front row, you must put a defensive tank in the front row.

    When boss skills target the back row, you’d better deploy a DPS tank to the back row or send a damage dealer, healer, support or other hero to the front row depending on the circumstances.

    When boss skills target a line, such heroes as healers must not be placed with other heroes. They must be protected.

    To cope with skills targeting a random hero or all heroes, players must increase all team heroes’ power. Otherwise, players will lose heroes quickly.

    Heroes’ Fury will increase after being attacked. If you are confident that damage dealers can resist damage, you can deploy a damage dealer to the front row, so he can increase his Fury and release an ultimate skill.

    Use those formation skills and your wits if you want to have a team of strong hunters.

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    i can not choose a geder


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      help helphelp


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        how many tank that i need ????????


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          I am trying to change a newly recruited hero to the formation but having trouble figuring it out