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  • Sky Arena

    Players can unlock PVE gameplay Sky Arena at Lv.20.

    On each floor of Sky Arena, players will face three enemies labeled Easy, Moderate and Hard. The grade is based on their power. Higher power means tough enemies and more stars.

    A basic star number will be given according to the round number of each battle. The sooner players end a battle, the more stars players can receive.

    A rate reward will be given based on the difficulty level selected. Defeating an enemy labeled Hard can receive 3x rewards; Beating an enemy labeled Moderate can obtain 2x rewards and beating an enemy labeled Easy can earn 1x reward.

    Based on the formula Stars Obtained from One Floor = Basic Star Number X Difficulty Rate, players can receive 1 star to 9 stars from every floor.

    Buffs will appear on the given floors. Players can use stars to buy them. Buffs are valid daily and can be stacked. Stars consumed here won’t affect the star ranking.

    Sky Chests will also appear on the given floors. Players can receive rewards after opening a chest. The same chest can be opened multiple times with Diamonds.

    Luck will be accumulated if players spend Diamonds. When Luck reaches a specific number, players can open a Lucky Chest to select a piece of gear.

    Players can fail three times every day in the Sky Arena. Once all three chances are used up, players cannot challenge again.

    If you fail a challenge or it is too hard, you can ask for help from friends with higher power. At this time, friends’ formation can be used in battle. There are only two chances to ask friends for help and each friend can only assist once every day.

    Players can not only receive stars, but also Jenny and Sky Coins from each floor of the sky Arena.

    Sky Coins can be used to buy gear shards with various qualities in the Sky Shop. The higher the floor you challenge in Sky Arena, the better quality of gear shards you can buy in the Sky Shop.

    A server ranking will be held after joining the Sky Arena every day. The ranking is based on the stars obtained. Players can claim ranking rewards next day.

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    made it to floor 100 and that was it no prize and could not keep earning rewards so what that's it you should get something for being the first person on the server to clear the sky arena