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  • Code System

    Players can receive random Codes, EXP Codes and Code Shards through AFK Mode, duels and other features in the Hunter’s Academy. Code Shards can be combined into Codes or EXP Codes.

    Code stat upgrade can be mainly divided into Enhance Code, Inlay Rune, Combine Rune and Code Advance.

    [Enhance Code]

    Players can receive EXP Codes by devouring other codes, using the Academy's AFK Mode, dueling and combining Code Shards. Codes and EXP Codes can also be bought from the Code Shop with Code Coins.

    Select “Enhance” and six EXP Codes will be added automatically. Click “Enhance” again and Codes will be enhanced.

    Select “Select All” and many EXP Codes will be added automatically and enhanced.

    Low-quality EXP Codes will be consumed first. After all owned EXP Codes are consumed, players can click the Enhance button to add complete codes as EXP devouring.

    Every 5 Code Enhance Levels will trigger 1-rank enhance chain. The enhance chain can boost code stats.

    [Inlay Rune]

    Inlaying runes can provide stats for codes. Each code has a socket. The rest of the sockets must be opened with Code Tappers.

    Code Tappers can be bought with Hunter Marks in the Guild Shop or players can directly spend Diamonds to open sockets.

    The maximum rune sockets that can be opened increase with the code quality. Higher-quality codes can have more sockets.

    Runes inlaid into codes can be removed at any time. The Code Renewal feature can give back inlaid runes and Code Tappers.

    The same type of Rune Stones cannot be inlaid onto one code.

    [Combine Rune]

    Every three low-level Rune Stones can be combined into a higher-level Rune Stone. The highest rune level after being combined is Lv.10.

    [Code Advance]

    Players can obtain Code Advance Stones by splitting Golden or above codes. Meanwhile, Code Advance Stones can increase star level for Golden or above codes.

    Code Advance can add stat bonuses randomly. Each star increased can add random stats. Up to 10 stars can be increased for each code.