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  • Raise Hero

    JLol: I have closed this topic because spambots have taken a liking to it.

    Heroes can be summoned or recruited by using Souls. Upgrade, advance, practice and evolve heroes to improve their power.

    [Upgrade Hero]
    Use EXP Scrolls to upgrade heroes. After leveling up, the hero's stats will increase slightly.

    [Advance Hero]
    Advancing a hero requires Advance Stones of the corresponding quality. After advancing a hero, the hero's stats will increase dramatically and a new hero skill will be unlocked.

    There is a level requirement to equip Advance Stones. Different qualities of heroes have different advancement level limits.

    [Evolve Hero]
    Evolving heroes requires Evolution Pills. Each rank increased raises the hero's stats by percent.

    The evolution process will stop when you consume all Evolution Pills and can't evolve your hero. Please note that Evolution Blessing Points will reduce by 50% at 24:00 daily. Please collect enough Evolution Pills before you evolve your heroes.

    [Hero Practice]
    You can spend Nen Pills to equip Practice Gear obtained from the Nen Tower for your heroes. Different practice gear corresponds to different stats. After equipping all gear on one floor you can start practicing of the next floor.
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    When will i be able to upgrade that big 'zero' at the bottom left on my heroes cards? See printscreen for locating the big zero that i'm talking about.

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      Hey, it's called Nen Practice / Nen Tower.


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        How does it work with the evolve thing?
        At the moment my hero is level 32 but I don't see the evolve option. Is my level to low?

        Already found the answer. Level has to be 35
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          Hello hunters friends

          I would like to know what each of the status do.
          the Crit is about the chance of crit or de damage u do?

          How does agility, Ten or Acc help my hero?


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            Ten reduces the crit damage you recieve I think...

            Acc increases the chance to do damage and not fail the attack

            I have two questions:

            · Anyone can explain the difference between EVAsion and AVOidance?

            · What does agility do?


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              higher agility will have the 1st turn to attack.


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                Hi everyone i just strated the game (just above level 41) and i was wondering if bleu hero can become purple then yellow with more stars ?
                And if how does it work ?

                Have a nice day.

                Ps : hello gorindark
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                  This is very useful!


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