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HXO Community Hunter Tier List - We want your opinion!

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  • HXO Community Hunter Tier List - We want your opinion!

    EDIT: I have moved this thread to the Strategy Guide section and will sticky it there. I hope to get more replies from experienced HXO players like Alucard.

    Greetings Hunters,

    Since I won't pretend to know everything about the best hunters in this game, I thought it would be a good idea to compile the thoughts of our community members. After we get lots of replies to this thread with everyone's opinion on which hunters are ranked S, A, B, and so on, i will create a helpful list that I will post in the strategy guide section.

    So, here is the template I'd like you to use when you reply to this thread. We will rank hunters by Guild. The letter rankings will mean the following; an S ranking means that the hunter can be useful on teams with hunters of higher guilds (the strongest/most useful Hunter in their Guild), an A ranking means that the hunter is one of the better characters in their respective guild, but may need to be replaced fairly quickly after the next Guild is unlocked, a B ranking means that the hunter can be useful, but only in certain situations, and a C ranking means it's best not to use this hunter unless you really really like the character. Remember we are rating these hunters against members of their own guild, so don't give Gon a C just because Beans is better, the two are not comparable.

    I will not list rare characters in this tier poll, because not many users have access to rare characters and they do not belong to any guild.

    Please use this template to fill out your rankings:
    (G is shorthand for grade and R is shorthand for reasoning)

    Azure Guild
    Gon - G - R
    Leorio - G - R
    Kurapika - G - R
    Captain - G - R
    Killiua - G - R
    Ponzu - G - R
    Tonpa - G - R
    Pokkle - G - R

    Violet Guild
    Buhara - G - R
    Neon - G - R
    Menchi - G - R
    Baise - G - R
    Satotz - G - R
    Canary - G - R
    Zushi - G - R
    Gotoh - G - R

    Golden Guild
    Kalluto - G - R
    Phinks - G - R
    Kortopi - G -R
    Nobunaga - G - R
    Shalnark - G - R
    Franklin - G - R
    Wing - G - R
    Kite - G - R

    Fiery Guild
    Illumi - G - R
    Genthru - G - R
    Shizuku - G - R
    Bonolenov - G - R
    Chrollo - G - R
    Uvogin - G - R
    Hisoka - G - R
    Biscuit - G - R

    Legendary Guild
    Beans - G - R
    Ging - G - R
    Transmuted Biscuit - G - R
    Netero - G - R

    So, there you have it, nice and easy for you to grade every Hunter in all 5 guilds in the game. I hope to hear from a lot of you, so I can make a reliable tier list for newer players to refer to when they are trying to choose who to recruit.

    Just copy-paste the list into your reply, and fill in the G and R sections, I would really appreciate your help in this matter. Every other game has a tier list, but we don't. Let's get together as a community and fix that! If you don't have any of the listed guilds unlocked, please add N/A next to the guild name.

    As always, have a wonderful day, and happy hunting,
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    Wow a lot of work you are asking here, we should get some kind of reward...

    Azure Guild

    Gon - C
    Leorio - C
    Kurapika - C
    Captain - B (he is a really good tank in this stage of the game. He makes a great defensive combo with Ponzu)
    Killiua - A (best dps and best character in this stage of the game. Make him full stars to use his bond later on)
    Ponzu - B (very useful defensive skills. Sadly her bond is not so good)
    Tonpa - C
    Pokkle - C

    Violet Guild

    Buhara - C
    Neon - A (So good you can even skip Kalluto in the next guild. His buff to atk is very useful)
    Menchi - C
    Baise - C
    Satotz - C
    Canary - S (her skills for pvp and world boss are amazing. You want to make her full stars and put some evo pills there. Worth it)
    Zushi - A
    Gotoh - B (your first and only chance to get an immunity character thanks to his skin. Sadly his bond is not very useful)

    Golden Guild

    Kalluto - S
    Phinks - C
    Kortopi - S (although his stats are weak, his abilities are very useful. You must get his skin, one of the best in the game. A must have char)
    Nobunaga - C (same problem as Wing, needs too much time stacking to deal some dmg. At least this one get that problem solved with his skin)
    Shalnark - S (just indispensable, best fury buffer in the whole game, fits perfectly in every team. A must have)
    Franklin - B (his bond is too good to giving him just a C, i do not recommend use him in battle, just as a bond)
    Wing - B (his bond is too good to giving him just a C, you can use him in battle too although bleeding is a weak add)
    Kite - S (weak atk but combine his skin alongside Kortopi + Kalluto and he becomes the third best tank in the whole game)

    Fiery Guild

    Illumi - A (problem with AOE is they spread their dmg, he becomes useless in the end game, I do recommend skip him and recruit Chrollo)
    Genthru - B (his bond is too good to giving him just a C, i do not recommend use him in battle, just as a bond)
    Shizuku - C (at this point you shouldn't need a healer anymore)
    Bonolenov - C (bleeding dmg is awful in this game, besides, you can't heal yourself if you attack the one you left bleeding, a completly no sense)
    Chrollo - S (your way to demolish tanks and hit eva exploiters, best dps in the game by far)
    Uvogin - S (second better tank in the game)
    Hisoka - C (a char that relies only in his crit stat is completly useless and hard to handle. His stun fails too much)
    Biscuit - B (only useful when enemies have no immunity)

    Legendary Guild

    Beans - SS (better tank in the game)
    Ging - B (your accuracy guy. You can use him when you need to hit high eva characters)
    Transmuted Biscuit - C (relies too much in the acc stat to grow stronger in battlefield, hard to take advantage of her abilities)
    Netero - C (sadly his skills are not good enough for a Legenday char. His stun fails too much)

    I will edit and add some more reasoning i dont have time right now.
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    • JLol
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      Thanks for the work Alucard. Now if we get a few more active community members to fill this form in, we can have a pretty definitive tier list for HXO. Which this game really needs.

    • Victor
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      IMO menchi need at least B cuz she is a lot useful at lvl 40 ot so in new servers. I mean 90% of ppls buy and buff her most.