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World Boss Formation Guide

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  • World Boss Formation Guide

    Ok guys, I'll keep this one short. The way the world boss (the first monster) is that the middle fish will kill whichever hero it targets in one hit. As such, there is a strategy to your lineup that you can use to max your damage. Just follow the image I made here and I can almost guarantee you will get the most damage you can possibly get from your current team.

    Click image for larger version

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    The boss will kill the front row first, followed by the middle Hunter in the back row, then the left hunter in the back row, and finally the bottom right hunter in the back row. Thus, you should organize your team by DPS so that your highest DPS Hunters can stay alive the longest.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post a Visitor Message on my profile.

    I hope this helps!

    Happy Hunting,

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    Here is the strat I use to max out the dmg in the world boss event, hope it helps someone:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	wbstrat.jpg
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    1st wb attack: First to die will be Uvo but he will revive thanks to his ability giving the whole team an extra attack. This extra turn will give Ging enough time before he dies to use his special.

    2nd wb attack: Uvo dies again.

    3rd wb attack: Beans dies and revives thanks to his ability giving the whole team another extra turn, this will give Netero enough time to use his special before he dies. Here is when Chrollo uses his special for the first time.

    4th wb attack: Beans dies again. Ging uses his special.

    5th wb attack: Ging dies. Netero uses his special.

    6th wb attack: Netero dies. Chrollo uses his special for the last time.

    7th wb attack: Chrollo dies,

    You can kill the first three world bosses easily following this strat. About array, sometimes is better to use Crit array instead of Atk array in the last char to die, depends on the nature of his special ability and the codes you are using,


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      That's some team you've got there Alucard!

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    Well ur both too op for me im still lvl 45 i have 1 question when do i unlock pets? Im using my normal depoly for WB i dont have choise


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      Pets unlock at 65

    • Victor
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      Well thanks it will be a long jorney for me

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      But that doesn't mean you have to use your normal deploy for WB. Follow my formation guide. So, if Killua is your top DPS, make sure KIllua is in the back row at the far bottom right. This is because he will be the last die if you put him there.