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  • Evolution Guide

    Since there are a few "Ace Hero" events in the 7-14-21 Day event blocks, I thought it may be helpful for the community to have a guide that gives them a general idea of how many evo pills they will need to evolve a Hunter from level X to X+1.

    Please keep in mind that this guide is an estimation, because evolution values are random. So, if you plan to evolve a Hunter, be sure to have a few hundred extra evo pills to make sure you can get to the next level without losing 10% of your progress at 0:00 server time. Here are the approximate values for evolution costs of Hunters and pets.

    Also keep in mind that if you are the first on your server to reach any evolution level, it will cost 10 to 20% less evolution pills than the values than those listed here.

    EVO LVL 1 = 30 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 2 = 75 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 3= 245 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 4= 486 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 5 = 848 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 6 = 920 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 7 = 930 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 8= 1,116 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 9= 1,140 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 10 = 1,284 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 11 = 1,290 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 12 = 1,485 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 13= 1,545 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 14 = 1,680 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 15 = 1,755 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 16 = 1,840 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 17 = 1,760 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 18 = 2,020 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 19 = 2,600 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 20= 2,760 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 21= 2,475 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 22= 3,325 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 23= 3,025 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 25= 4,075 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 26 = 3,780 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 27= 4,260 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 28 = 4,350 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 29 = 4,440 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 30 = 4,590 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 31 = 4,025 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 32 = 4,795 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 33 = 4,865 Evolution Pills

    EVO LVL 34 = 4,655 Evolution Pills

    Places to get EVO pills:
    Ladder shop, guild shop, escort rewards, loot rewards, Battlefield ranking reward, elite stage boxes, EVENTS. The two BEST places to get lots of EVO pills are from the Battlefield ranking rewards and daily events.

    Pet Evolution Requirements:

    1 - 60
    2 - 120
    3 - 250
    4 - 400
    5 - 700
    6 - 1100
    7 - 1700
    8 - 2400
    9 -
    10 - 7200

    Places to get Pet EVO Pills:
    Pet exploration, pet shop, elite stage boxes, EVENTS

    I hope you find this list helpful, and as always Happy Hunting!

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    It was a long time ago but i remember my fire dragon needed 16.500 to reach evo 12. I would say evo 11 is aroung 10/12k if someone can confirm that it would be awesome.

    About char evolution you should be good until evo 40 with 5.500 per level. From there to reach evo 50 you should be fine investing 6.500 per level.

    Hope it helps


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      Its just like this one in xhunter now i dont have to go to their forums to see it thank u m8. Can you also add most of the place where u can get evo pills like ladder match, Escort, guild shop etc?


      • JLol
        JLol commented
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        Sure thing

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      it should be noted pet evo isn't deducting at 00:00 (not sure if that's intentional, or just copy/paste coding)

      Pet stat gains aren't subject to diminishing returns upon evolution.
      Pet evo increases stat% yield upon level, Hero evo has a much harsher scale- do you have percentages available?

      I am curious: Does the "server first" reduction in price apply to pet evo pill costs as well?


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        I have question - what to do whit pet evo pills?
        I have 60k of this
        pet max evo
        IGN: XOTLI
        Server: 70


        • JLol
          JLol commented
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          "White" pet evo pills?

        • s70.XOTLI
          s70.XOTLI commented
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          with ^ pet evo pills

        • JLol
          JLol commented
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          Ohhh I think the only thing you can do is save them in case you get another pet (like the star one)

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        First i would recommend leaving one pet, preferably the Imp, at lvl 1 to make the array stage a lot easier.

        About those evo pills, they should go to the Star elf. It is a good idea to get Swift II as soon as you can, due to how game mechanics work at the moment, it will help you a lot in high levels. More than you think.

        Just my opinion.


        • FheI
          FheI commented
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          what is the connection of level of the pet in array stage to make it easier?

          never tried array stage before

          lvl 68 right now

        • VvvAlucardvvV
          VvvAlucardvvV commented
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          lower pet lvl = lower total nen = easier opponents

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        Hi hi. Anyone know where the Star Elf comes from? Like is it in a particular event or anything?


        • JLol
          JLol commented
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          I saw it in the Pet event a week or two ago, but haven't seen it other than that. I do think it is event only though.

        • Jason
          Jason commented
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          That'd figure. It's a fairly incredible pet!

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        You can get the Star Elf when the hero tial event is on. If you get 18 points, i think it was, you will get some shards for the star elf.


        • Sermonic
          Sermonic commented
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          how to get 18 point from hero trial?

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        I cant wait till i get into that game i aways have any problem miss some days and i fall back dont find reason to stay and start new. I need 2-3 weeks to be active and then i can miss any day.


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          The opening post doesn't say that pet max evolution is 12. And doesn't list requirements for evolution +11 and +12 (these are supposed to be worst case scenarios):
          11 - 11000 pet evol pills
          12 - 15500 pet evol pills

          Originally posted by VvvAlucardvvV View Post
          First i would recommend leaving one pet, preferably the Imp, at lvl 1 to make the array stage a lot easier.
          Note that this is not necessary on unmerged servers that don't see older ones.
          On new servers you'll fight against only people on your own server thus you should keep the draco equipped.

          However, once servers merge and you're thrown in the same box with several VIP10, VIP11 and VIP12 players who pumped their NEN skyhigh and can eat you for breakfast, you should definetly start using imp level 1 in array instead of dragon level 267547823856835.


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            I agree, when i said that it had more sense.

            ow you only fight people from your owen server. Anyway you can always rebirth your imp if you lvl up.