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    I get red skins for free only playing Greed Island. That's why I think it is better to buy RS-Hero skin coins in the honor shop, you can only get those there, and 1 per day. That means you need 80 days to get the skin and you will need 2 at least for the end game.

    I am talking always based on my experiencie, from a vip 0 perspective. I don't want to tell people what to do, i just give my opinion on the matter.
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      To get all of those skins just from the BF rewards, it would take forever. You would only get 20 tokens per month. 2 skins would take 6 months.

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      Well if endgame, whatever it is, starts after 6 months of playing...
      It's all great!

      But shouldn't a player work on atk bonus for 4 skins and def bonus for 8 skins of different quality in the manual?

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    Thats my team for now. Tomorow i will do adv draw event for violet guild and i will get Zushi and i will replace Gon but after i get Rare kurapika who should i change?
    Edit: I got Zushi and replaced Gon. I also got Kurapika rare and replaced Menchi.
    R leorio-->R Kurapika
    Ponzu---->Canary(I use ponzu as shielder cuz i dont need another at front. Will replace her with Kartopi now) But first i will buy Kite cuz i like him
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      Transmuted Biscuit worth making a permanent party member?
      - Wraith: +15% acc
      - Lv.5 ACC: +25% acc

      With acc array on top of her, acc runes, mask refining and skybelt/dreambelt advancing and bond with maxed Baise or Nobunaga...
      Why is she not mentioned as a musthave antievabug hero in pair with Chrollo? What's exactly wrong with her? Why going only after Beans from legendaries?

      Just please don't tell me she's better used as bond on Chrollo because, well, she ups evasion. And additionally critchance as special bonus.
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