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  • Hylian_Likely
    started a topic Array Stage

    Array Stage

    Every 16 seconds, A new wave battle will spawn from a list of players from all servers.
    Each battle gets you rewards, and as you progress battles become more difficult.
    The loot from this event is used to level up your Heroes' Arrays, and can be challenged only once a day.

    ------Buff Ball and Energy Bar-----

    Every few seconds, you will get an increase in energy, which is used to purchase buffs.
    The bar goes from 1 to 10, and will begin to glow when completely full.

    Underneath the Energy Bar will be text displaying the current Wave buff stat.

    When the buff that is the counterpart to the stat you're up against in this wave is available, you'll see a star inside the buff icon. You can pass higher level waves by purchasing more of the same buff type before the next battle, and you can set up buffs for the next wave by leaving them waiting (you can see the next wave in the panel to the right side of the screen)

    The waves are divided into three blocks

    ------Stat and Buff Counterparts-----

    AGI <-> HP
    ACC <-> EVA
    CRI <-> TEN
    ATK <-> DEF

    ------Rewards and Chests------

    Every victory in the Array Stage will reward you with stones to upgrade your Arrays.
    The type depends on the Stat-Type you are up against.
    In order to open a Rewads Chest, you have to clear the wave (Waves 8, 16, and 24)

    Rewards chest prices are structured like Hero Trial and Elite stage events.
    Loot multipliers are available at the following prices for each chest:

    x5(50 Gold)
    x20 (100 Gold)

    Wave 1-8
    Buff ball Energy cost: 2
    Rewards Chest: 2X AGI Stone, 2X TEN Stone

    Wave 9-16
    Buff ball Energy cost: 3
    Rewards Chest: 2X ACC Stone, 2X CRIT Stone, 2X DEF Stone

    Wave 17-24
    Buff ball Energy cost: 4
    Rewards Chest: 2X EVA Stone, 2X ATK Stone, 2X HP Stone

    -----Invincibility and Full HP----

    You can use these to pass difficult waves, or ones you didn't get the right buffs for.
    You can also use the invincibility to set yourself up for next round's buffs in the blessing ball.

    I'll update this as I have more time-
    For now I hope this helps.

    ::JLol:: This attachment is the quick image guide I made for Array Stage, I have merge my guide with Hylian_Likely's to make things more simple.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	arrayguide.jpg
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  • JLol
    NOTE: Since Hylian_Likely had already posted an Array Stage guide, I have moved my guide over to his post to make things simpler.

    Greetings Hunters,

    So, you've reached level 75, congratulations! Now, you have a new PVP-only mechanic to deal with and a new task to complete each day. This guide should help you get the most out of your daily Array Stage runs, so you can increase your array's levels faster. All the information you need is in the image I have attached to the post.

    If you have any additional comments or questions, feel free to post them here or PM me.

    Happy hunting,

    Click image for larger version

Name:	arrayguide.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	164.9 KB
ID:	1810
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  • Hylian_Likely
    commented on 's reply
    I tried this today when I challeged the array stage and it worked pretty well.
    Thank you for the strategy!

    I used the 1st spot mostly, and only used the other three to set up for next round.

    Sometimes I would buy the buff that would be next round's stat so that it wasn't part of the buff bar when it came up.

    For example: buying TEN in a wave that doesn't help you (Like AGI) because the next wave is a TEN wave (which you need CRI for) but it's not as useless as it will be next wave when it will become the exact opposite of the stat I need.

    It got me to about 22nd wave when usually I was getting to 14.

  • s70.XOTLI
    try use buffs from only 1st spot only

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