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Hero Skins and Skills

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  • Hero Skins and Skills

    ------------------G-HERO SKINS----------------

    Satotz - "Ruthless Examiner" upgrades Examiner's Dignity
    DMG +8% up to five times -> DMG + 15% up to five times.

    Canary - "Assassin Clan" upgrades Fearless
    Raises the Fearless skill's hit to 100%.

    Zushi - "Masked Rogue" upgrades Wrath
    Raises the Wrath skill's stun chance to 100%.

    Kalluto - "Cherry Blossom" upgrades Blessing
    Makes the Blessing skill last the entire battle.

    Gotoh - "Butler" upgrades Rebounce
    Removes the Rebounce skill's increase in damage taken, Adds 10% damage reduction.

    Phinks - "Blazing" upgrades Arrival
    S-Arrival automatically triggers a Critical Attack.

    Kortopi - "Boosted Nen" upgrades Power Suppression
    Raises the number of targets to 2.

    Nobunaga - "Ronin" upgrades Iaido
    1 Anger layer @15% damage 3 times per battle becomes All layers @45% damage.

    ---------------R-HERO SKINS--------------------

    Shalnark - "Ruthless Dominator" upgrades Mobile Fate Director
    Increases the duration of the Fate skill to 3 rounds.

    Franklin - "Killing Machine" upgrades Cannon
    Increases healing curse on targets to 70% and duration to 3 rounds

    Wing - "Shingen Master" upgrades Guidance
    Adds a 100% chance to cause bleed with normal attacks and increases bleed from 30% to 50%

    Ilumi - "Ever-Changing" upgrades Needle Rain
    The Needle Rain skill now steals 100 fury from all targets

    Kite - "Death Messenger" upgrades Shield
    Increases the Shield skill's damage reduction to 40%

    Genthuru - "Bomb Master" upgrades Smasher
    Raises Auto-Kill of targets requirement to less than 20% of their HP

    Shizuku - "Cute Girl" upgrades Healing Wave
    Increases healing from Healing Wave from 20% to 50%

    Bonolenov - "Golden Fighter" upgrades Meteor Call
    Removes HP targeting restrictions and increases damage to 50%

    ---------------RS HERO SKINS--------------------

    Chrollo - "Troupe Leader" upgrades Troupe Leader
    Increases buff length to the entire battle.

    Uvogin - "Fearless warrior"
    Increases resurrected HP to 100%.

    Hisoka - "Battle Zeal"
    Increases the CRIT% to 13% each stack.

    Biscuit - "Blue Girl" upgrades Flexibility
    Increases AGI and EVA rates to 100% and 30%.

    Beans - "Association Secretary" upgrades Strong Body
    The buff now applies to Heroes in the same row as Beans.

    Transmuted Biscuit - "Violent Loli" Upgrades Super Round Kick
    Now increases 12% ATK per target hit.

    Netero - "Battle Kimono" Upgrades 100-Type Guanyin
    Increases stun chance to 100%.

    Ging - "Nen User" Upgrades Enigma
    Skill now increases all Heroes' ACC

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    Bond skills are obtained by bonding a Maximum-star Hero of a lower rank (Minimum Rare-Gold Hero) to a deployed Hero of a higher rank (Minimum Red Hero)
    Normally Bondslaved Heroes provide a Stat bonus to the Deployed Hero, but a Bond skill provides an extra bonus for having maxed out the Hero\s advancement.

    For example: Bonding a Max-Star Leorio-Rare Hero to a Deployed Chrollo Hero will bestow the Bond Skill "Bond-Zeal"
    Bond-Zeal Makes the Deployed hero Leorio-Rare is bonded to immune to Debuffs, and increases healing effects on all Deployed Heroes by 20%

    Though Bond-Immunity is a common effect, it is not always present- some Heroes' Bond skills provide entirely different benefits or are Attack-Type specific.
    Figuring out which Bonds suit your playing style is very importent in the endgame, and especially in PVP.

    Some examples:

    -Gentheru grants Bond-Despair to the equipped Hero- this increases the Hero's initial fury by 100 and increases damage dealt by 10%
    This is great for a DPS Hero, but not so great a fit for a Tank-type.

    -Illumi grants the Bond-Bane skill... this one is confusing because of bad localization-
    The text reads "The Bond Hero's all attacks will deal extra (a target's max HP *5%) damage"

    -Killua-Rare grants Bond-Chop
    Immunize the Bond Hero against debuffs and gives a 30% bonus to damage dealt

    -Shalnark grants the Bond-Battle Cry skill,
    Increase the Bond Hero's ATK and DEF by 8% in battle.


    As you can see, some of these can lead to huge combat advantage, or synergies that make you far more difficult to beat in PVP.
    Some of the cascades of Code/Array/Pet/Gear Advance/Bond-stat/Bond-Skill/ can make Attack-All types hit for insane damage, and so it's important to note that above 10-12 Million nen, and around Level 80, bigger Nen doesn't guarantee a win... and while Heroes like Kortopi are great in mid-game progression and level ranges because of their skills, eventually their inability to bond any Red and S-Red Heroes to themselves makes them obsolete except as bondslaves.

    Party Composition, placement, and careful pruning of your deployed Heroes' synergies are what keep you a bleeding-edge competitor in endgame PVP.
    and really...

    What else is there?


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      whats with Illumi bond skill?
      they dont add 5% of Illumi targes HP to Illumi all attacks?

      which hero is best for bond in PvP build [from reds]?
      IGN: XOTLI
      Server: 70


      • Hylian_Likely
        Hylian_Likely commented
        Editing a comment
        It seems like it was translated ambiguously into English.

        It would make sense that Illumi would grant a bonus to DMG for all skills...
        but it also makes sense that his bond-skill would give a bonus to ATK-ALL skills too, since that's his specialty.