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Pet Exploration Strategy - How to Dragon Pet.

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  • Pet Exploration Strategy - How to Dragon Pet.

    Given how important Janken is to Gon in HUNTERxHUNTER I am pleased it features so heavily into the game in a way that allows free players to put sweat-equity into the game to narrow the cash gap.

    The pet exploration event allows you to collect rewards to Advance, Evolve, and Level up your pets from a few different sources.
    The amount of Pet Evol, Pet Shop Coin and Pet EXP you can get in a day is limited, with the exception of the Jankenpon mini-minigame...
    So while it is a lot of effort to grind out levels, advance, and evolution- it is the only repeatable way to keep gaining once your daily exploration and challenges are used up.


    Pets are definitely one place in the game where you can put in hard work for a huge advantage in all other aspects, and even as a cash player I still put in a lot of work farming day to day.
    There are other events in the main game that may result in pet-related items, but you can acquire a predictable amount of Pet EXP, Pet Evol, and Pet Shop Coin on a daily basis by any of the following methods:

    -Winning a single battle at a challenge point on the exploration event map.

    -Opening a Silver Chest reward for defeating challenger #5 at a challenge point.

    -Opening a Gold Chest reward for defeating the final opponent at a challenge point.

    -Completing the Feed Pet / Stimulate Pet daily quests.

    -Collecting the previous day's Ranking reward for completing successful challenges.

    -Winning at JAN-KEN-PON / Rock-Paper-Scissors.

    At any point on the map, you can use the refresh button in order to load a new copy of the event map for Pet Exploration. Every few minutes or so you may notice a small glove or hand icon in the place of the usual baloon or fruit icon that usually hovers above the other pet avatars on the map.

    Sometimes the icon over your pet will become a hand and clicking on your pet's hand-icon will pop up the "Check Pet" window, to avoid this wait until all exploration is complete. If you're at the final point of the map clicking on your own pet won't raise the window, and it will be easier to tell which icon is yours and which is the mini-minigame. Closing the chat and pet quest windows will help too, it lets you see and click on more of the map.

    Winning or losing a Jankenpon challenge will refresh the map for you- it allows you to double tap the refresh. If there isn't a Jankenpon challenge on the map, keep refreshing. I've noticed the spawning of the Jankenpon challenges happens one or more times every 4-5 minutes, but sometimes there are a string of them that follow a win or a loss on the next two or three screens.

    When it comes to spending your loot, I suggest hoarding your cash, but if you do spend it...

    -Buying Shards over Adv Stones is the safer bet, you still take a 50% hit to sell value, but if you have extra and need Pet Shop Coin to hit an Evol, Advance, or EXP milestone for one of your pets it maintains at least some value and can help you reach short term goals for a secondary pet.

    -There is no exp curve or discount for saving up for larger blocks of Pet EXP. Buy what you can when you can and use it immediately if you are spending to hit a goal.

    -Don't buy Pet Evol at first, unless you need to stretch to hit a Rank-Up. You'll get plenty of them as a reward for winning your Jankenpon challenges. Keep in mind the returns (%stat increase) on pet evolution are much better than those for Heroes, so Rank-Up is still pretty important.

    ----------------------------------------Strategy Outline---------------------------------------------------
    -Get enough Imp shards and Purple Adv stones to make your Imp
    -Get to Imp level 40, 2Star, and Evol 5+
    -Around this time build your Bone Dragon
    -Keep funneling new items acquired into the dragon as you continue to use your Imp.
    -Once Bone Dragon is at least Level 25+, 2Star, and Evol 3+ switch over.

    You may be able to get to those milestones faster by rebirthing your imp and re-using the items it had on your bone dragon, but don't switch until you have at least the 2nd Star (Party HP+%) because otherwise you'll be giving up the HP+ from your imp when you make the switch.

    I hope you find this helpful, please let me know if I missed anything or got my numbers wrong.
    Happy Hunting and good luck!

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    Hi hi. Thanks for this post.

    I was planning to start building the dragon now, although I only got Imp today. You can only buy 5 bits of dragon a day, so It will take a little while to build. Should I save the Pet Shop coins for other things?