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Escort event strategy. How to Sky Pirate.

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  • Escort event strategy. How to Sky Pirate.

    The airship Escort event is divided into two categories: Escort and Plunder.
    I'll be discussing how to win at both, so you can get your title mark, and improve your daily rewards.

    I'm going to assume you can figure out most of what I am talking about because you've at least tried the event once or twice
    I'm also going to assume you don't want to spend diamond, but I'll still explain ghow to get the most out of what you do spend.

    The escort minigame has a simple premise- escort as many airships of the highest value as you are able to between 0500 and 0500 next day.
    Timing is an important part of the strategy here- the early bird gets their score set in stone. If you are the first to obtain a numerical loot or escort value, and someone later in the day ties your score, you will still keep your ranking. So if you escort three Golden airships and an hour later someone else escorts their third, you will remain in first place.

    If multiple players all get to three airships before you are able to, the top spots can become locked out-
    Even getting to 300 escort points later in the day still might only land you in 4th place, depending on how populated your server is at reset.

    Once you start, four airships will be available for you to choose from, in varying colors.
    Green Airship - The lowest rank, and the least reward for escort completion, skip them entirely.
    Blue Airship - The best rank of bots in the sky, you don't want to escort one yourself, but I will get into more detail about why these are useful for plunder later in the article.
    Purple Airship - These will only be fielded by players, Worth 50 points, and with only one exception you shoud skip them entirely (I'll explain that in the plunder section)
    Golden Airship - These airships are also only ever in flight because of players Worth 100 points, these are the ships you want to fly three or more times a day if you can.

    Also- If you don't like the four airships you were presented with, don't worry- there are three other factors to consider

    1) Every 30 minutes you are entitled to a free refresh of the list, which will give you four new airships to choose from.

    2) You can pay Gold diamonds to summon a Gold airship immediately.

    3) You can pay 50 Blue diamonds to refresh your list. (I usually budget 100 Blue Diamonds a day for this when I'm not going to be online all day)

    and if you select one from the list, before you push the ESCORT button, you can also choose a friend from your list to help crew the airship.
    This is helpful for lower level players, because it lets them use the Nen value and Heroes of another player to protect their Escort.

    The easiest way to set yourself up for victory is to have an unescorted (available) Golden airship in your list of four as of 05:00 server time-
    this means that your first escort can happen as the day starts, and you will be at 100 points right away. More than anything, just being online and having a Golden airship available will get you off to an excellent start.

    There are a few important things to consider about point rankings for Escort-
    You don't need three Golden airships to qualify for rewards in the daily quest, you only need to Escort three. Two gold and a purple is where I usually stop, as it's rare for someone to get three natural golden airships before me if I started my day with one. Two Golden and a Purple airship leaves you at 250 Escort points, and uses three escort chances, and many days you can pick up the exra purple on the same refresh as one of the Gold airships)

    At 250 points, someone needs to either pay diamonds to beat your score (by either purchasing extra Escort chances) or naturally get three golden airships in a day.
    If they do get to 300 points while you are at 250, you can use the third golden airship you had queued up and waiting for 0500 the next day and buy yourself an extra escort chance if the victory means that much to you.

    Also important is to remember there are some times where you just can't win without spending. If someone is already at 300 for the day, and in first place, you need to buy extra chances to even be able to beat them and get 1st place for yourself. You should also evaluate whether spending really GETS you anything...

    Are you buying an extra chance to still fall short of beating another player's score?
    Then don't. Take the loss today, eat up second place and work to set yourself up for tomorrow's run.
    Sometimes this minigame can make you work really hard for little or no result, and taking the time to set yourself up for a good start in Escort, and looking at the current rankings, rewards (and your competitors of the day) will save you diamonds and frustration as you play.
    There are rewards for the player you chose to help escort your airship- if you're in a position to have a lower level player from your guild escort you because it's safe
    (suspiciously, not a lot of people are paying attention at 04:20) do that...

    The rewards help a lot more at level 30 than at 75, and it helps introduce more people to the game who are going to want YOU
    (the higher level player) protecting them on their escorts.


    This I will keep much simpler than the section on Escort, since the objective here is really the Ranking, and not the value of the items you win at each individual Plunder.
    Risk Vs. Reward is the name of the game here, and only one color of airship should be on your mind: Blue.

    You get 2 Loot points for success
    1 Loot point for failure

    So if you want to win:

    Be on at 05:00
    Use all of your Loot chances as soon as they are available.
    Loot only Blue NPC airships
    Do not loot a player-escorted airship unless you have the clear Nen and Hero superiority

    This should leave you as the first person on your server that day to reach 10 Loot points, assuring you take first place.

    If someone purchases extra chances, you can always match them, but remember that will only cost you effort to tie them again, unless you outspend them.

    Most of the time this happens, it is because someone who only got to 9 points gets to 11 by purchasing an extra Loot chance.
    At that point, I pay for one extra Loot chance and use it to get to 12.

    If they tied you at 10, and jump to 12...
    You might want to consider if the win is even worth purchasing an extra 2 Loots or if the diamonds and effort is better off being used elsewhere.

    One final thing to consider is relative VIP level.
    VIP level increases the number of chances you can buy in a day, but it doesn't teach you how to work the system to achieve victory.

    I'm at VIP4, currently and can just outspend the competition...
    But that eats into my available Diamonds for buying Vit in a day (and Hisoka doesn't like that)

    So I don't.
    The trick here is to work just hard enough so that other players will not want to put in the hard work to beat you just for a slight reward, or out of pure competitive nature. If by 12:00 server time, I am sitting at 10 loot points and 250 escort points- I'm done. I will usually not counter someone working hard with more hard work when tomorrow's another day to plunder...

    ------------SALTY REMINDER FROM A CASH PLAYER--------
    Something to remember in this and every other ranking game in HxO (except PVP)

    if you're at VIP0 continually being beaten by someone based on their VIP ranking allowing them to purchase more chances, etc.
    Just remember that this is clearly an aspect of the game they are trying to succeed at-
    They directed time and resources into those wins.

    They also paid for the game and you didn't...
    That's why you're playing it on our terms

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