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Hunter x Hunter Videogames

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  • Hunter x Hunter Videogames

    Here are some videogames about Hunter x Hunter i've been playing recently and i do recommend.
    I know there are many more out there but i only can talk about what i've played.
    Roms and isos are easy to find on internet so you all can play them with the appropriate emulator.

    · HUNTER X HUNTER: KINDAN NO HIHOU (Game boy color)

    · Hunter X Hunter: Ryumyaku no Saidan (PS2)

    · Jump Ultimate Stars (NDS)

    · Hunter x Hunter Wonder Adventure (PSP)

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    Erm sorry but while I'm fan of the original HxH manga/anime, there is no way I'd ever return to inferior hardware, event through emulators.

    I kinda got spoiled with modern PC singleplayer games with such eyecandy visuals and orchestrated music with superb sfx, I just don't want to ruin my sight any more with lousy resolutions and jagged sprites.

    My machine? Here (speccy):
    Click image for larger version

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      I will use my i7 6700, my 16GB Ram and my Titan Z to keep playing retro games all my life.

      I hate what they are doing with videogames nowadays.


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        You hate things like this?

        Or perhaps things like this?

        Or should I quote, "things like me"?

        Times have changed.


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          Yeah, I hate to see what they have become and what they are focus on.

          Fortunately even nowadays we have exceptions like "Bury me, my love" remembering us that nice graphics are not everything on a videogame.

          So i still have some hope


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            True, visuals are not everything. Order1886 (console exclusive) has possibly the best graphics ever, yet as a game - it sux.


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              I love older games too - like Final Fantasy V which I never finished, ha ha and then FF7 that got more play than was good for a person, lol. Graphics aren't needed to really suck you into the universe of a game, it's just possible these days with the latest techs. Like I think you can actually play YuGiOh with holographic monsters now? I still have my deck and would I love to see my beloved monsters attacks and specials? Heck yeah! Conversely, occasionally I check sites that still sell cards as there are a few to collect for nostalgia's sake.

              Love the game, play the game, however wherever. The only thing I hate, is when a good story has a non-ending or cliffhanger. Or really, really terrible voice-acting, lol. Generally, if you have good game mechanics and nice story, you can't miss, right?


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                Never played FF7. In fact never played any of 1-8.
                But some others I did play... On PC of course.

                FF9 - although outdated graphics, the game is very interesting and not nearly grindy as I thought it will be, recommended if you can close eyes on jagginess

                FF10 - cringeworthy story and voiceovers yet fun exactly because of that, waterball minigame is fantastic

                FF10-2 - grind-o-rama rubbish, but probably the best music ever in FF games

                FF13 - horrible PC port, blind people's game as you do nothing during combat just randomly click2win, atrocious amount of grind

                Refused to buy FF13-2 and FF13-3 because I got disappointed with FF13, refused to buy FF14 (it's yet another stupid MMO), refused to buy FF12 (just released on PC yet looks like phonegame), I'm definetly buying FF15 on PC (nVidia hairworks spectacle).


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                  I played from FF 1 to 12 and my favourite is the 6 because of the story, character development and, of course, the best and most charismatic villain in the entire saga.

                  It's astonishing how much you can transmit with a few pixels.


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                    Transmit... Pixels?

                    Actually there are masterpieces of transmitting with sounds, of course, guess from what platform:

                    Played it ever? Remember it's story? Development? Villain(s)? Choices&consequences?
                    You didn't? Try it one day.


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                      I like where this is heading xD..
                      As for my opinion on things, it all depends on the player's enjoyment.. some people like retro games, some like new games, and some like it both (me included)
                      I also noticed that you're all more into RPG so let's just all agree that once Final Fantasy XV comes to the PC, the mods will be out in a matter of days LOL.

                      And speaking of "transmitting with sounds".. I just played this recently and I think this is also a masterpiece..

                      The video has spoilers btw...


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                        Originally posted by Joxer View Post
                        Transmit... Pixels?

                        Nothing more to add


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                          OMG... For a long time I didn't have to turn off my speakers.
                          Are you trying to make me deaf?


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                            No, im trying to make you understand.