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    WHAT THIS IS??????????

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    He topped up $500 !, what do you mean what is this? unless there is something else fishy about it!!
    Let the Battle begin!


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      I'd say he thinks it's fishy. And I do too.
      There are two possible points he probably wanted to make.

      1. Would you buy a broken car that farts too often like servers past few days? Seriously?

      2. Is it a bait bot? There is a rumor that every server has one buying bot that doeas't communicate, yet appears to play and even buys gold diamonds to persuade others into chasing their newserv. rank for #1 reward.

      Note that it's s105 up there. Because of server downs, I don't think many players will complete phantom set there, if any. Even VIPs.


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      in my server theres 1 guy who putted 1k and 1 700-800$ dont worry


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      Originally posted by Victor View Post
      in my server theres 1 guy who putted 1k and 1 700-800$ dont worry
      Yea. Usually, one is mute and never writes anything nor replies. Does another one who does speak play the game any more?

      Additionally, with server being down for so long, do you think early server access rumored hack will let cheaters enter s106 right now?
      Yes, I know the server is supposed to open at midnight, not before.

      I think we should organize a Fighting Game of our own. Will s106 open or not at midnight.
      I'm putting 80 blue diamonds s106 will not open but will remain in farted state.

      Finally I know I'm risking ban with what I wrote here and in some other threads.
      But honestly, where's a moderator or admin to at least warn me to chill past few days? Where is just one simple official statement on this very forum saying "we have problems and are working on 'em". Where? Why are we even writing anything here if noone's reading.

      Is it the final ending?
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      • Light @ Server 100
        Light @ Server 100 commented
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        send me link guys

      • Victor
        Victor commented
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        Both are chating its not like 1 normal and other bot. BTW i found ocblol in new server soo he isnt a bot

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      still not working with me loading until 17 percent


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        That's 100% a bait bot created by the admins of the game to entice VIP's to top up and be competitive but sadly, server 105 is in a sad state because of the recent issues that plagued the game the past few days and that's why the bait bot didn't go active... and besides, the sole VIP of the server didn't get baited as well so there's no reason for the bait bot to remain active in the server.


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          i cant open my account,,, i can log in but there is no server listed...