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    structured silver well as, lithium and uranium. embryo The start of a developing vertebrate, or creature with a backbone, composed only one or a or a few tissues. As an adjective, the phrase would be embryonic — and could be used to talk about the starting or way of life of software or technology. Food and Medication, remain unknown. ion An atom or content with an electric price due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. leukemia A type of cancer in which the navicular bone tissues marrow makes outstanding numbers of immature or abnormal white-colored veins tissues. This can cause to anemia, a shortage of red veins tissues. lymphoma A type of cancer that begins in security systems tissues. marrow in physiology and medicine Spongy tissues that develops within bones. Most red veins tissues, infection-fighting white-colored veins tissues and veins platelets all kind within the marrow. membrane A barrier which blocks the passing or flow