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  • #16
    · Item: nen pills

    · Reason: i buy it everyday to collect a big amount of pills to boost my power because it helps a lot

    · IGN: kilua

    · Server:


  • #17
    Item: RS skin coins

    · Reason: I need to improve my character skill to be stronger in the future

    · IGN: Papadong

    · Server: 94


  • #18
    Item: Vitality

    Reason: Because without it you cant do shee-it!!

    IGN: Kuwabara

    Server: 100


  • #19
    Item: Dream Gear Essen.

    I also ought to say vitality at least 8 times plus if any appears on Sale because of grinding gems for hero improving, XP scrolls, 60 XP and jenny... Not to mention you level up faster so you can clear more maps for blue diamonds and stuff... I mean some say just 3 times, cmon, buy as many as you can!
    But Dr.Gear Ess. I mention as another thing of uttermost importance because you can buy only 3 per day in Sky shop (when unlocked that part IIRC when you collect 300 sky stars) and those are crucial to complete dream sets on everyone, then later to improve those sets which takes a long time - without buying those it'd take much longer.

    IGN: Joxer

    Server: 97


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      · Item: RS Skins

      · Reason: Because I can say what ever I wan´t you can´t tell me what to do yeah yeah.JK IT´s hard to get you can only buy 2 of them in a day I think yeah thats why I need them RS skinss

      · IGN: Flash

      · Server: 110


    • #22
      vitality for the reason to get shards and dice throws. fighting game cause you get more diamond if you bet right nin scrolls and pills out of honor shop guild dungun incase you need extra change arena chanced for event cause you can get ez equip pieces I think all these are good just got to manage ur d

      S107 Random


    • #23
      · Item: Tower Card

      · Reason: this item is very scarce, it only exists in a store and the quantity is quite limited ... so whenever they appear in quest or elsewhere (((Buy)))!!!

      · IGN: Killter

      · Server: 108
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    • #24
      Item :Evo pills
      Reason:The more u evolve,the greater power,a single lvl 1 hero with +50 evo can be better a whole team without any evo.


    • #25
      Item: Vitality

      · Reason: I buy all the vitality i can every day
      Why do I get several star
      IGN: Master

      Server: 108
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    • #26
      Item: Evol-pill

      · Reason: This item is very important, because it increases the percentage of the character's abilities, but from a certain level onwards has to use a quantity absurd.

      · IGN: Koisa

      · Server: 108


    • #27
      Item: Vitality

      · Reason: The skills of the hunters depend on it !!!

      · IGN: Morty

      · Server: 108


    • #28
      · Item: Code Tapper

      · Reason: It helps saving some diamonds to buy code slots, which is always welcome

      · IGN: Catraca

      · Server: 110


    • #29
      item vitality and evol pills

      reason i buy vitality to level my characters up faster because it takes too long with just 260
      vitality a day i also buy the evol pills from ladder shop to help raise my characters nen

      ING shunsui


    • #30
      We have reached the "More than 20 participants" mark!

      Because of that you all will get 200 blue diamonds, congratulations!

      Can we reach the 30 participants mark? spread the word, the event is going on!