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2nd Official Forum Event: free rewards!

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  • 2nd Official Forum Event: free rewards!

    Welcome Hunters to another forum event where you can win free rewards!

    To generate some discussion, help those who are starting and reach some conclusions, this time we ask you to:

    name an item from the game you buy it daily and explain why you do so

    This way some players might notice they are buying stuff they don't really need or they are wasting their resources. You can argue why you buy vitality every day, or RS skin coins, tower cards, nen pills, evo pills... tell us which item you think is more important and useful for your team.

    In order to be eligible to receive your rewards, please be sure to respond to this thread in the following format:

    · Item: Vitality

    · Reason: I buy all the vitality i can every day because it takes too much time to make a character full stars.

    · IGN: VvAlucardvV

    · Server: 12

    The event will be open until February 11, 23:59 server time. So be sure to leave your response by then to be eligible to receive your prize!

    Notes -

    · Rewards will be sent upon completion of the event.

    · No one can join the event once is finished. No exceptions.

    · No multi accounts allowed with the same name but different server.

    · Please be sure to respond using the format i provide.

    - Rewards -

    This time everyone who participates in the event will receive a free Mystery Reward! yes, just by participating on the event!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Evento1Definitivo.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	57.0 KB
ID:	1989

    As always, we will follow the "Alu System" (patent pending) to get some more awesome and free stuff:

    · More than 10 participants ----> everyone will get + 100 diamonds

    · More than 20 participants ----> everyone will get + 200 diamonds

    · More than 30 participants ----> everyone will get + 300 diamonds

    · More than 40 participants ----> everyone will get + 400 diamonds

    · More than 50 participants ----> everyone will get the "S - Mystery Reward"

    · More than 60 participants ----> everyone will get + 500 diamonds

    · More than 70 participants ----> everyone will get + 600 diamonds

    · More than 80 participants ----> everyone will get + 700 diamonds

    · More than 90 participants ----> everyone will get + 800 diamonds

    · More than 100 participants --> everyone will get the "SS - Mystery Reward"

    Note - When the event is finished I will open a thread to reveal only the Mystery Rewards you have got!

    So spread the word among people from your server, in battlefield, at home! More participants, better rewards you all will get ! ! !
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  • #2
    · Item: Skin Shards

    · Reason: You can only buy 1, 2 or 3 a day and you need a ton to get the skins plus you earn honor in 1000s and cant spend it as fast as you earn it(i think the spend limit is kinda dumb, the stock limit already does that job)

    · IGN: Tikki

    · Server: 110


  • #3
    · Item: Tower Card

    · Reason: You can only buy 10 in honor shop daily or get them from events that don't take place everyday so it's really hard to get them even tho you need them for hero practice and Nen Tower Event, That's why there is no such thing as "enough" for Tower Cards.

    · IGN: Tempesta

    · Server: 93


  • #4
    · Item: Tower Card

    · Reason: I buy all the tower card as it helps boost nen by a lot.
    · IGN: Brij

    · Server: 93


  • #5
    · Item: Vitality

    · Reason: Vitality gives me quest progress (buy 3 vitality for 60 diamonds to get 1k exp and 50 diamonds back). I really need the exp and i's 10 diamonds for 1000+(30*60)=2800 exp! No better deal.

    · IGN: jacob

    · Server: 113


  • #6
    · Item: Equip frafgments

    · Reason: It's hard to wait to complete gold gear for hero

    · IGN: czarny2552

    · Server: 110


  • #7
    · Item: RS skin shards

    · Reason: The skins give good added abilities, which greatly increase power
    · IGN: Kingkillua

    · Server: 93


  • #8
    · Item: RS skin coins

    · Reason: becouse i need it to buy skins that give some huge bost on charasters

    · IGN: Phantom

    · Server: 71


  • #9

    · Item: Vitality

    · Reason: I buy it everyday to collect stars to advance my characters + i focus on it during the treasure hunt event

    · IGN: Kaiserul

    · Server: 65


  • #10
    · Item: Dr.Gear Ess

    · Reason: 80 red gear shards are needed to combine 1 R-gear. Therefore you need Dr.Gear Ess to buy the shards from sky shop and the limit is only 3 daily.

    · IGN: Swarz

    · Server: 93


  • #11
    server 12 IGN arisu
    i buy the lv 4 eq refine stone from the sky shop because i dont have anything else to spend
    my sky shop points on


  • #12
    · Item: Vitality

    · Reason: spend most on Vitality to level up and to upgrade heroes to max star and use it as a bond.

    · IGN: doodssy

    · Server: 76


  • #13
    · Item: Vitality

    · Reason: useful for Vitality Bonus event and to clear more Chapters in Story mode for clearing rewards.

    · IGN: kamikorosu

    · Server: 7


  • #14
    · Item: Vitality, Skin tokens, and Nen Tower cards

    · Reason: Vitality is a must since that gets you most things. Skin tokens are next, as those can add some really underrated power to most characters. After that, I find the Nen Tower cards the next best thing to buy, since it gives you more bang for your buck (Nen pills are 100 honor each, while tower cards are 150 honor, and can get you multiple nen pills per card). But most of all, always check the events, and see which ones there you should focus on. If spending crystals to get some of those completed means to not refresh you energy as much, then so be it. Just make sure your return on investment is worth it.

    · IGN: Yabari

    · Server: 90


  • #15
    We have reached the "More than 10 participants" mark!

    Because of that you all will get 100 blue diamonds, congratulations!

    Can we reach the 20 participants mark? spread the word, the event is going on!