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Official Forum Event: free rewards!

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  • Official Forum Event: free rewards!

    Welcome Hunters to another forum event where you can win free rewards!

    This time we appeal to your own experience to know who do you think is the most useful character to use in a team and why.

    In order to be eligible to receive your reward, please be sure to respond to this thread in the following format:

    · Hunter: Kortopi

    · Reason: Kortopi has been the most useful character on my teams because of his skin ability, 40% dmg reduction is a great skill and he can use it on two characters at the same time. How awesome is that? ^_^

    · IGN: VvAlucardvV

    · Server: 12

    The event will be open until January 21, 23:59 server time. So be sure to leave your response by then to be eligible to receive your prize!

    Note - Prizes will be rewarded upon completion of the event.


    Everyone who participates in the event will receive 200 blue diamonds, BUT, this time we will be rewarding participation too, so if we have:

    · More than 10 participants ----> everyone will get another +100 diamonds

    · More than 20 participants ----> everyone will get another +200 diamonds

    · More than 30 participants ----> everyone will get another +300 diamonds

    · More than 40 participants ----> everyone will get another +400 diamonds

    · More than 50 participants ----> everyone will get a special "Mistery Reward"

    Click image for larger version

Name:	misssss.jpg
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ID:	1934

    So spread the word among people from your server, in battlefield, at home! xD the more participants, better rewards you all will get!
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  • #2
    -Hunter: Awakened Killua
    -Reason : Becouse his skill " Sneaker " He got 18% more chance to completly evade attack and in combine with evasion he is lets say very hard to hit my opinion he is the best but hard to get
    -IGN : Phantom
    -Server : 71


    • #3
      Hunter: Zushi

      Reason: At the beginning of the game, he helped me a lot, his dodge skills, damage reduction, and stun are wonderful, if he had any way in the game to turn the "golden heros" into red heros would be bliss.
      IGN: FairyAli
      Server: 53

      Do you wanna play?


      • #4
        · Hunter: Rare Kurapika

        · Reason: Not taken seriously by VIP players because if missed, can't be bought by any means plus is not possible to get him upgraded as "strong" as other rare recruits from tresure event so they tend to ignore the guy.
        He'll make clearing maps and sky floors easy as pie till a player recruits Chrollo and even past that point, VIP or not VIP. At least in my case, with crit chance runes etc he's capable of dealing more damage than everyone's precious: Illumi.
        Finally, when he becomes obsolete in the party of all red+ heroes plus Kortopi, he'll remain an irreplacable bond on the very same Chrollo providing him debuff immunity, enormous crit chance boost and crit damage bonus +50%.

        · IGN: Joxer

        · Server: 97


        • #5
          Hunter: Rare Kurapika

          Reason: Joxer above me told most parts why i like Rare Kurapika... You have to earn it through game not buying it with golden diamonds so it is also sentimental value because you earned it.. not buy it...

          IGN: L0neWoolf

          Server: 102


          • #6

            just because it's my strongest hunter, and hers wind cut

            IGN: rom111,

            Server: 94


            • #7
              Hunter: Rare Kurapika

              ​Reason: He is a power house character. From the characters I have seen so far playing this game, Rare Kurapika has stood out in the midst of those characters.

              IGN: Djchar

              Server: 97


              • #8
                Hunter: Zushi

                Reason: At the beginning of the game, he helped me a lot, his dodge skills.

                IGN; nat01

                Server ; 101


                • #9
                  Hunter: KORTOPI

                  Reason: 15% hp all character at the start of the game with 40% reduction of damage with 15% more hp and top of that HIS SPECIAL EVATION skill bond with neon evasion GOD
                  and hes only GOLD to summon.
                  BEST SKIN xoxo

                  IGN: Fhel

                  SERVER: 108
                  Last edited by FheI; 01-16-2018, 09:41 PM.


                  • #10
                    Hunter: GING
                    Reason: He is the most powerful zodiac and also the cleverest among them all
                    IGN: xHyZeI
                    Server: 108


                    • #11
                      Hunter: Rare Leorio
                      Reason: If you get him early on, he will remain your primary healer for a loooong time. His smart heal combined with his ATK+Fury buff allows him to compliment most teams well into the mid-late game.
                      IGN: Yabari
                      Server: 90


                      • #12
                        We have reached the mark of 10 participants!

                        Because of that you all will get 300 blue diamonds, congratulations!

                        Can we reach the 20 participants mark? spread the word, the event is going on!

                        · Need direct contact with staff?


                        • #13
                          rare kurapika i like him because of critical hits but i missed to my list.

                          IGN: gauban

                          server 45
                          Last edited by gauban; 01-21-2018, 10:08 PM.


                          • #14
                            More Useful or often used character?

                            -Aw Killua

                            -Aw Killua is more useful for me. He is by far the strongest character for me, With him alone I can win 1vs5.

                            -Server 76


                            • #15
                              Hunter: Awakened Killua
                              Reason: i say he's good because he can use the Destroyer 2 times in a row in 2 different rounds, even if it's pretty hard to get, i think it's the best.
                              IGN: M3T4L
                              Server: 11