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New Year's Wishes Event

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  • New Year's Wishes Event

    Greetings Hunters,

    I thought this week we could have a New Year's themed event. This week's event will be participation only, no contest. The reward for participation this week is 300 nen pills, since I know nen pills become pretty hard to come by and are very useful. If you aren't high enough level yet to use them, it's still good to stock up on these because they are very useful!

    Rules: This week's event is going to be pretty simple, all you have to do is;

    The event will open when this is posted, and will close on 1/1/18 at 23:59 ST

    1.) Reply to this thread with your New Year's wish

    2.) Be sure to include your IGN and server

    I won't be judging this week's event, I just ask that you put a little bit of thought into your response. I won't be giving any prizes out to people who just reply with "Happy New Year". Your wish can be about the game, about your life, or about the world.

    Here is an example of a New Year's Wish; "I wish that this year, my life will be blessed with more friends and I can spend more time with my family."

    Next week we will go back to contest threads, but for now take it easy and enjoy your holiday!

    I hope everyone has a good holiday this year, and I'll see you all in 2018!

  • #2
    Happy new year. I wish this year the game will have a lot more new updates and new things and also a lot new players. Forum become more active and new guys start chat in forum chat.
    IGN: Victor
    Server: 102
    I will try to keep in that server... xD


    • #3
      I wish this game will have new improvements, new features, new real updates and new characters some day. I wish i had awakened killua too

      IGN: VvAlucardvV

      Server: 12


      • #4
        Hope this game really get some rework and attention cuz I'm bored.
        Let the Battle begin!


        • #5
          I hope game dont have bug and have many person play game together.
          IGN: Nguyen
          server 67


          • #6
            I wish game will be updated, new chars will be added XD
            IGN: TrapCard
            Server: 90


            • #7
              Happy New Year to all, i wish u all have better year then last year , think about things what are important in ur life and try to be better then last year
              i wish u all luck in the world stay safe and Happy New Year
              IGN: Phantom
              Server: 71


              • #8
                I wish we will have 0 bug and 0 bug user.
                - more than 50 lvl evo on char
                - more than 12 lvl evo on pet
                - more elite stage
                - more than 100 max lvl on char
                - some pet/item to ride on it
                - some new gear like a wings
                - and all more

                I wish you all the best
                IGN: XOTLI
                Server: 70


                • #9
                  i wish we will more enjoy this game and to my co-player let's enjoy this game ^_^

                  IGN: Jin_Kazuki
                  Server: 90


                  • #10
                    I hope that everyone works to make themselves a better person, especially me.

                    IGN: Yabari
                    Server: 90


                    • #11
                      i wish there would more players on the servers and less bugs and trolls



                      • #12
                        I with they fix all the bugs especially the evasion exploit
                        IGN: Kasierul
                        server 65


                        • #13
                          For 2018 I wish:
                          Getting slimmer.
                          May my mother be in good health.
                          I wish to spend this period of university.
                          I want to get a job.

                          For the game I want the Administration to invest more in characters, events, and mistakes of the game, besides having a few promotions within the "Sale" better.
                          IGN: FairyAli
                          Server: 53

                          Do you wanna play?


                          • #14
                            Happy New Year! I wish all of us excess money on Top-up and new development paths for our heroes in hunter.unigame!


                            • #15
                              Happy New Year! I wish all of us excess money on Top-up and new development paths for our heroes in hunter.unigame! ING: Miray Server: 71