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    I have a doubt is about the rare character type the kurapika he came recently but some players who used the bug of nen took all and soon after they were banned, the event can come back someday ??


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      s77, daily login is only 4 days not 7 like suppose to be is down to 1d soon =/...idc about the 10 purple code really but those 100 code stone & 300 evol pills it really sucks we will be screwed out of them is an event bug *Sighs*


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        S.77 Roygbiv its canary is op.. overall nen is 4.5m. vs. top player of S.74 hamad.. 16m nen.. cannot kill his canary.. ban this player thankyou.. cheater.. bugger..


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          Originally posted by UniGame-support View Post
          Dear hunters,
          Greetings, Welcome to Hunter X Online! IF you encounter any valid bug during your game playing, please report to us with detailed information and you will walk away with blue diamonds.

          Duration: Apr 10, 2017@00:01- Apr 16, 2017@23: 59

          Reply this post in the following format:
          Bug Description:
          Screenshots if Possible:

          Rewards: 200-500 blue diamonds for each valid bug.

          1. Please make sure the bug you report is new. If the issue has been reported by other players, we will give the reward to the fist reporter according to the post last-edit time.
          2. Reward will be delivered after the bug is verified.
          3. Please reply here, or you'll lose the chance to get reward.

          Hunter X Online Operating Team
          Apr 9, 2017

          Bug Description : The User of Bugs , Which looks very clear for now , They are ViP 0 but can get so many academy cards and academy shard
          Server : S-84
          IGN : daesou and PInenGI


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            ADM's received the notification after testing the code bug, and I removed the bug. However, it is impossible to finish some solomode without using the bug, as many other players continue to use, leaving those who do not use at a disadvantage. Pet and Array are some of them. What's the use of removing the bug, if the other players continue to use and consequently I being disadvantaged by it. Incidentally, are you planning to fix these bugs? I think it's only fair that I remove my bugs, as long as everyone does the same. So far I have not seen anyone banned. They said the Funic had been banned, but he was playing normally today. Please give me a convincing answer that I will be very happy to remove my bugs.


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              I FeeL U Chrys my Dear same here lol


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                Same here o/

                recebi a notificação depois de testar o erro de código e eu removi o bug. No entanto, é impossível terminar algum solomode sem usar o bug, já que muitos outros jogadores continuam a usar, deixando aqueles que não usam em desvantagem. Pet e Array são alguns deles. Qual o uso de remover o erro, se os outros jogadores continuarem a usar e, consequentemente, eu estou sendo prejudicado por isso. Aliás, você está planejando corrigir esses erros? Eu acho que é justo que eu remova meus erros, desde que todos façam o mesmo. Até agora, não vi ninguém proibido. Eles disseram que o Funic foi banido, mas ele estava jogando normalmente hoje. Por favor, me dê uma resposta convincente que ficarei muito feliz em remover meus erros.

                Last edited by Isah Sena; 11-04-2017, 12:00 PM.


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                  bug abuser

                  XOTLI server 70

                  using code bug eva bug


                  • s70.XOTLI
                    s70.XOTLI commented
                    Editing a comment
                    max build Illumi on VIP7 is not a bug - my account was baned and checking by dev by 4 days and its clean and allways was clean [i never use bugs and noting illegal]
                    not bugged players with better stats easly can win with me

                    create account on s70 compare chars - then say some use bugs

                    Rise ur lvl and and make better stats than my - then u with easy


                  • UG423645
                    UG423645 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    defend your self its ok bug abuser will be bug abuser

                  • s70.XOTLI
                    s70.XOTLI commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I only try to say u r weak if u cant defeat me and u have vip7 too
                    I dont need defend - read what i say - i have clean account [was baned for 4 days and checked by devs]

                    on what serwer u play and what r name - i create account on your serwer and check you

                    OK u say in other post u are from s74 - only Joniro have vip7 - man u are 10 lvl lower and u have pve build
                    u higher rank is 16 on Illumi - i have max build on Illumi

                    for now u can not kill me even Hamad with vip11 with his build for now cant kill me
                    pve build never defeat pvp build - and u schould 1st lvl up to compare ours accounts

                    lvl of VIP dont play

                    SRY Joniro
                    now after talk with you i know this not your post only some1 who only say its from s.74
                    Last edited by s70.XOTLI; 11-06-2017, 08:24 AM.

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                  serwer: US - US71
                  IGN: Miray
                  I have a problem with the Crazy Whell Event. The event has been going on for several hours and I can't start it. The familiar Wheel did not appear. When i'm trying to enter through
                  Events -> Crazy Wheel -> Go
                  I'm transferred to the Nen Tower.
                  Attached Files


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                    Bom,sou do server 07, e faz dois dias que tento entrar neste jogo,mas nao consigo.Aparece apenas ... "login (proibido)", se for pelo bug do code, como ja disse..."irei retirar apenas quando todos retirarem tambem!!" Se não como vou completar as missões? Como vou completar o pet? COMO VOU COMPLETAR O ARRAY?... A me poupe,se poupem,nos poupe!
                    Quero jogar,mas com esses bugs como que faz? Karam reclama tanto,mas tambem esta com o bug!! quero continuar jogando,igual a kira,usa o bug e nao foi banida/o,esta jogando normal.Primeiro fui desconectada,então conectei de novo, e vi que meu nen estava diminuindo,e fui desconectada de novo e não concegui logar mais!! Então pedi para minha mãe entrar na conta dela e ver como estava meu Team ,e então minha surpresa, meu Ging estava com 1160k de nen para baixo, e retiraram meu pet hahahaha.... e hoje ela visualizou meu team de novo e nao terminaram de remover meu bug, E A KIRA AINDA ESTAVA JOGANDO NORMALMENTE!! Se estão com preguiça de remover o meu bug, deixa que eu removo!! Por que nao fazem isso com o Meeczie?Kira?ROSITA? Hikenoence* Varios outros?
                    Bom,pretendo jogar ainda, mas remova estes BUGS!!
                    Ficarei grata se removerem o BUG DE TODOS!!

                    att;Isah Us7


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                      I tried hard in this game but why so many bugs
                      lvl 40 one hero 4 million nen ??? what is it doing admin? fucker


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                        Take a good look of s59 Efka char,full of bugs,at least 3 char with the evasion bug and i dont want to believe that he has code bug at his main because you sad that you fix that...


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                          Bug Description:

                          21 Day's Event Goal's - Day 20

                          I dont know if it's just a personal bug or a serverwide bug.
                          But you can't claim the reward's in the Tab called "Red Gear", even if you collectet the required items for it.
                          Woud precheate it if you can fix it or take a look on it. I lost some reward's as well to this bug.

                          Server: 98
                          IGN: Hood

                          Screenshots if Possible:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	e13cc1c8d805b962829efe03f8654dc0.png
Views:	1
Size:	528.0 KB
ID:	1900

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	83c2540ee50bc2d2628b25ccef745553.png
Views:	1
Size:	616.9 KB
ID:	1898

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	bf5f64cc91c78005c442ad9d51cffe8e.png
Views:	1
Size:	429.5 KB
ID:	1899


                          and yes, i was there in time
                          and yes, i got the item's bevor the event start's (not after Day 18)
                          and yes, i try'd to claim the reward's

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	6864a2b1109b7f1a6f2328395012a46a.png
Views:	1
Size:	617.5 KB
ID:	1901


                          • #59
                            I cannot confirm the bug above.
                            However I did manage to get the reward. How? I kept all 5 items in inventory, didn't equip them on anyone. Not that I knew about some bug, I just didn't want to spend billions of jenny and refine stones to just reach half the power of my current gold items. There will be a time to switch to red items, just not now. Need to milk a few more wild bosses first.


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                            i cant pen the page ,, can you opn th page guys?