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Official Forum Event 1: Your Favorite Hunter

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  • Official Forum Event 1: Your Favorite Hunter

    Welcome fellow Hunters, to the first of many HXO forum events!

    This week, we'd like to know who your favorite Hunter in HXO is and why.

    Everyone who participates in the event will receive 100 blue diamonds, and the three most creative or convincing respondents will be awarded 250 blue diamonds!

    In order to be eligible to receive your reward, please be sure to respond to this thread in the following format:

    Hunter: Kite
    Because: He deals good damage and can be used as a tank if you have his skin. Also, Kite is one of my favorite characters in the HXH anime. His nen powers are very strong and his Crazy Slots weapon is great comic relief for the show. But, most of all, he's my favorite HXO hunter because he is a great DPS tank. The fact that he uses a tachi in the game is also a plus for me, because I have a love for ancient Japanese weapons.
    Player ID: RDuke
    Server: 70

    The event will be open until December 12, 23:59 server time; so be sure to leave your response by then to be eligible for to receive your prize.
    NOTE: Prizes will be rewarded upon completion of the event.

    After the event ends, we will tally your votes and create a ranking of the most popular HXO hunters for your future reference.

    If you have any questions, please PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We look forward to hearing from you, happy hunting!
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  • #2
    Hunter: Hisoka
    Because: I love him because he is Hisoka. But also because he can stack crit% and that's always going to be my favorite stat.
    I know he's a story favorite frienemy to the main characters, and there's every possibility an "awakened hisoka" or "Hisoka-Rare" hero is in future plans (wouldn't you?)
    In real life, he and I are a lot alike- I have a teardrop tattoo on my face (I got it before I knew of H_X_H) and work as a circus performer. He does not care what others think and is a motivated and obsessive, but very introspective character. I can really identify with all that <3
    Player ID: Kimo
    Server: 77


    • #3
      Hunter: Gon
      Because: simply because he's the main hero of HxH lol and also he's OP
      Player ID: xDeadlYx
      Server: 92
      Let the Battle begin!


      • #4
        Hunter: Hisoka
        Because: Like Hisoka becouse his crit and stunt ability but im not playing with him yet until i advance him little more then i will use him definitly
        Player ID: Phantom
        Server: 71


        • #5

          Hunter: Beans
          Because: In addition to having a huge resistance, it has the ability to return the hp when it reaches 0 without losing the fury that already had and the array, which helps a lot in BOSS, in addition with the skin the same becomes a great support providing protection to allies in the same queue, if you put an array of ATK it becomes all this in one.
          Player ID: FairyAli
          Server: 53
          IGN: FairyAli
          Server: 53

          Do you wanna play?


          • #6
            · Hunter: Beans

            · Because: thanks to him and his skin you can use the double shield and double resurrection strategy. If you know how game mechanics works, this is a huge advantage you can rely on if you want to protect your main dps. Double shield absorbs and blocks all the dmg almost everytime and double resurrection will give you 2 extra turns in the world boss battle letting you do a lot more dmg in a single attempt.

            On the other hand, although Wonder ability is weaker than Uvo's Revival ability, there is a crucial difference beyond the quantity of HP each of them recover. I am talking about the old immortality "trick". If you pay attention to the description of those two abilities I am pretty sure you will find out what I am talking about.

            Finally i like his design a lot, it is perfect for camouflage in the Greed Island if you want to use the only blind spot there is in the battlefield. Thanks to this and their short stature, nobody will be able to click on you.

            So, in short, double shield, double resurrection, immortality and able to use blind spot in battlefield.

            · Player ID: VvAlucardvV

            · Server: 12


            • #7
              Hunter: Netero
              Because: Because his abilities are very well defined, the only thing I did not like was the fact that he attacked only the front row and not all enemies, in sumo the ability to make him dizzy, withdraw defense and still gain 8% of atk dead characters on the field is wonderful.
              Player ID: Meredith
              Server: 53


              • #8
                Hunter: Wing
                Because: He deals massive damage to a line and his Ult deals super damage with each stack of shingen( consumes all shingen to increase the damage by 20% each stack). I also like the fact that with his skin, his normal attack will make the target bleed 100%. I also like the fact that you only need to make Wing 5 star to unlock LL skill( Turns 20% of damage to the casters HP) which is very useful in sky arena and story mode
                Player ID: TrapCard
                Server: 90
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                • #9
                  Hunter: Captain
                  Because: Best Tank in the game at lower level.
                  Player ID: Hiei
                  Server: 90


                  • #10
                    Hunter: Chrollo
                    Because: He deals 100% damage to a line and his Bonefish(ULT Skill) is so cool that skill can hit definitely to the target in the line and he can be usefull in PVP cuz of his skill that cannot dodge even a bugger . In the movie i like chrollo cuz of his style in fighting his nen was unfortunately strong and he's the leader in PT(Phantom Troupe). and that's all Thanks
                    Player ID : Jin_Kazuki
                    Server : 90


                    • #11
                      Hunter: Killua
                      Because: He is the best hero on low lvls i aways use him till i unlock gold guild. He's also one of the main characters in HxH.
                      Player ID: Victor
                      Server: 97
                      p.s server 90 is very active here
                      Last edited by Victor; 12-10-2017, 05:37 AM.


                      • Victor
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                        I have 1 more question which vip lvl are u?

                      • JLol
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                        Why's that something you want to know? :-P

                      • Victor
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                        I dunno im interested. I also saw that in ur mod request u need to tell ur vip lvl and i was thinking which vip are u

                    • #12
                      Hunter: Killua
                      Because: he is so cool, and my IGN is Killua
                      Player ID: Killua
                      Server: 80


                      • #13
                        Hunter: Shizuku
                        Because: She is the best healer on HXO, and my favourite character on HXH.
                        Player ID: Shizuku
                        Server: 80


                        • #14
                          Hunter : awakened killua
                          Because : He is Cool Skill, Damage to all with reduce 50% fury. and He is my favorite Character in HXH
                          Player ID : AnifahWong
                          Server : 93


                          • #15
                            Hunter: Kurapica Rage
                            Because: I am a new player
                            I only own Kite, Wing, Kurapica but I found the ability to hit good, cri great, can knock the whole enemy quickly
                            Player ID: _KC_
                            Server: 93