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Incoming new chapter in issue #9, next week. Hunter x hunter

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  • Incoming new chapter in issue #9, next week. Hunter x hunter

    In case you have not already noticed, the internet is always ahead for posting the latest issue of jump.
    The official release in paper is always managed by the company Shueisha which is compiled as Jump magazine in Japan.
    While the name Weekly Shonen Jump is the one used for the official english digital version handled by Viz Media (with license ), corresponds to Shuiesha's Jump magazine. But viz only selects the mainstream mangas.
    Normally in our current status the official date for the latest issues are always on Mondays, in Japan and Viz. So theres already paperprints piled in the room a week before its released.
    People in forums like reddit and 4chan are spreading rumors that Mangastream paid some of their employees to sneak in the storage room where those paperprints are located, picked one issue and scanned them to make a pdf, send it to MS editors.
    Then ms editors will do their thing like cleaning the speech bubbles, improving the image quality, typesettings etc., Shueisha is using recycled papers so the quality is significantly low.
    Thats how the internet gets the latest chapters before Mondays.

    This week (jan22 - jan28) issue #8 is released, assuming the week starts on Monday. And next week will be issue #9 (jan29 - feb4).
    So expect the leaks for issue #9 this coming Thursday or Friday if mangastream follows their schedule.

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    I'm not sure what are social networks about, I get my manga/anime news fix on this site:
    This year's eighth issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, to ship on Monday, will reveal a preview on the magazine's ninth issue, which will confirm that Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter manga is to resume serialization on January 29. It has been previously mentioned on the magazine's first annual issue that the manga series will return. The resuming chapter will feature a colored page.

    The battle shounen manga began its serialization in the magazine on March 3, 1998. The series has been subject to frequently-extended hiatuses stemming from irregular releases since 2006. The latest chapter was published on July 4, 2016, followed by yet another hiatus. Hunter x Hunter has compiled 34 volumes so far, with the latest shipped on June 26, 2017. The 35th volume of the manga is scheduled to ship in February. This year, Oricon has ranked the manga's 34th volume eighth in Manga Sales per Volume category in Japan's Yearly Manga and Light Novel Rankings accumulating 1,258,337 copies.

    Hunter x Hunter has spawned multiple anime adaptations beginning with Studio Pierrot's standalone OVA that was released at Jump Super Anime Tour in 1998. Nippon Animation animated the first TV anime series that ran between October 16, 1999 to March 31, 2001 for 62 episodes. It was then followed by two eight episode OVAs in 2002 and 2003, and lastly for 14 episodes in 2004. The anime has been rebooted in 2011 by studio Madhouse, this time following the original story more closely. The anime had 148 episodes and was broadcast from October 2011 to September 2014. Two anime movies were also screened in 2013, an original film and a film adaptation from the manga's spin-off story

    Viz Media has licensed the anime and manga in English for North American distribution. They have recently released the third blu-ray and DVD set of the 2011 anime adaptation in October while the manga's 33rd volume was released in March last year.
    As about actual printed comics, manga or others, I buy them directly from our local publisher if possible (if translated to my language which isn't english so there is no poor translation quality). Otherwise I get them from Amazon, Archonia and Bookdepository.
    I do not care who the publisher is. In case of manga, sadly, it's pretty rare to find hardcover collections - dunno why but usually all you can find is printed on "toilet paper" and it's not trash that'd deserve it!

    Because a proper device with color e-ink still doesn't exist, I do not use Comixology service. Bought a few digital comics from Humble Bundle, but I just can't read them on monitor/tablet, it irritates my eyes although my monitor is capable of 144Hz (Asus VG248QE) and my tablet has 1080p resolution (Cube i7 Stylus).