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  • About Code Bug

    hi everyone,

    after trying our tech team's best, the code bug has been fixed and most of the code bug user has been banned or removed the code.

    during this time, thanks to all your patience and understanding, wish you have fun in the game.

    and, please continue to supervise the code bug user, after reporting, our tech team will send you a gift if the reported code bug user is true.

    apart from this, we'll open more events next month, in which you can gain value gifts. please look forward to that.

    thanks for your love. have a nice day.

  • #2
    This is a huge step towards keeping the game playable for the people who really work hard.
    Thank you so much to you, the tech team, and all the people who reported abusers <3

    I'm sure everyone is really looking forward to the events


    • #3
      We really appreciate you finally did something but i think its too late, a lot of people already quit. I dont think a couple of events and some gifts make them come back.

      @Dreaming Kitty, what about adding new characters? do you have any news about that issue?


      • Rita Sue
        Rita Sue commented
        Editing a comment
        new things are in developing, please pay attention to our official website. thanks for your patience and have a nice day.

    • #4
      AT LAST - good job 4 team which working to fix this

      now we can more enjoy playing...

      IGN: XOTLI
      Server: 70


      • #5
        Kitty can you fixed my account i can't open it couz of the bug ... but now ill play safe i hope your consederation TY
        PS: Don't ban me juz removed the bug


        • #6
          reporting bug user in pet explore 12.1.2017 hikennoace s 10 hope i get some reward


          • #7
            You should take a look at S.76. Many bug users still there. Impossible for me to do Array because of it...
            Regards. Saint S82


            • #8
              You can Verify player us 75 Swiftdeath
              IGN: FairyAli
              Server: 53

              Do you wanna play?


              • #9
                thanks for your work and we'll check it as soon as possible. have a nice day.


                • #10
                  can i ask there will be no more starter gift pack .... i am new and i thought i can get one !


                  • #11
                    Visit the forum frequently as you never know when an event similar to that one will appear. We just had one with some nice rewards.