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  • Moderator Recruitment

    Hello everyone,

    we need two moderators now.

    those who interested in applying to be a moderator of HunterX Online please send your PM application to the Admin email box.

    in your application, please include the following things:

    -tell me something about you (name, location, age and so on)
    -your server, character name, and VIP level
    -how long have you been an active member of the forum
    -why do you want to be a Moderator
    -how much time do you have for the forum
    - anything else important or could give you an edge over applicants

    and you will get a salary every month.

    we'll do our best to process your application quickly, and we'll inform you if accepted.

    thanks for your patience to read this news and have a nice day.

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    Just to make sure, when you say "send you PM application to Admin email box", do you mean to send you a PM here on the forums? Or is there an email address we should be sending our applications to an email address?

    Thank you, keep up the good work!


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      never mind. we just need an instant message tools to contact you. thanks for your patience and have a nice day.


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        I'm not sure if you can PM, or if you received my PM. If you'd like I can supply you with my email address. I also have QQ if you use that application.

        Thank you for getting back to me Dreaming Kitty, I hope to be given the opportunity to work with you and the rest of the team!
        Best regards,


        • Rita Sue
          Rita Sue commented
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          please provide your email address and QQ. thanks for your patience and have a nice day.

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        I sent a PM with my contact information. I don't know if you receive PMs, so please let me know if I need to post that information here.

        EDIT: Since I'm guessing your PMs are disabled because you would probably receive so many, I will post my contact information here:.
        QQ ID: 1591937504

        I look forward to hearing from you soon,
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        • Rita Sue
          Rita Sue commented
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          thanks for your enthusiasm. we'll give you an answer as soon as possible. have a nice day.

        • JLol
          JLol commented
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          Thank you, I look forward to it hearing back from you and the rest of the staff.

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        I wouldnt mind to moderate the forum for free Kitty, i have experience doing that.

        I spend a lot of hours here and have a lot of free time. if you need some help with the forum i can give a helping hand.


        • Rita Sue
          Rita Sue commented
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          thanks for your work. wish you have fun in the game and have a nice day.

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        Good morning Dreaming Kitty.

        I think i did the same as Jlol. I createt a application about my self and your question's.
        But i guess your PM's dont work.

        here is my email-adress. If you still need help on the forum's i woud precheate it if you can get me a reply.

        Thanks, and have a nice day.