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  • Future of HXH

    First of all, why are there so many spam topics here? The forum is literally being drowned in them. Aren't the people connected to the accounts posting them banned?

    Secondly, why do we have a Treasure Hunt active with no Explorer Event or some other way to get the scrolls needed to participate? This seems to be the developers' not so subtle way of telling us: Spend more Golden Diamonds. I say telling, not "inviting", because that's how it looks. Or could it be that someone goofed the Event page schedule? *shrug* We'll see.

    Also, is it just my wonky memory, or did the last Wheel Event also force us to have to use Golden Diamonds if we wanted to do VIP 4 rolls? This, I could be wrong about, but in my game, I could only do the normal spins with those tickets. Will never forget the time when I collected tickets, and couldn't use them for spins, since I wasn't VIP 4.

    Now for the big things that have made me, for one, not only bored of this game, but turned me off from bothering to progress to lvl. 90: Cheats and Bugs.

    Everyone by now knows about the Evasion Bug and personally I see it everyday in Pet Exploration. Seriously, even if the bug exists and the developers, for some reason, aren't bother by it, why do players have to constantly leave their team in "Defense Mode". Okay, you use the bug, you're not banned, you're not doing anything wrong? Whatever, your moral call on that. No worries.

    However, why leave your team in that state 24-7? So your Airship doesn't get looted? Seriously? There are so many ways to buy and earn more than 120 evol pills in game. Events give as much as 500 in the Explorer Event.

    As for keeping your position in Ladder Match, why should it make a big difference if someone else gets to the top every once in a while? Diamond rewards are tiered, so if you go down a few steps, it won't change much for you, but could help other players earn achievements and unlock things, like bonuses in the Shop.

    Leaving your team in the Evasion Bug Defense Mode, is killing other parts of the game, like Pet Exploration and Array. No need to illustrate how, is there?

    I hear people talk about how this game is Pay 2 Win. Hm, so what? We all realised that going in. The first thing you see on the screen as a new player on your saver, is an ad to buy a Healer that is madly powerful in comparison to the other normal, VIP 0 players. Right, we know this, so we either agree to be in a Pay 2 Win game, or we do something else because we don't agree with that sort of game dynamic. Right.

    In Pay 2 Win games, the ones with the most money get furthest and baddest, fastest. A player can go from being a newbie, to stronger than someone who's been playing the game for longer at VIP 0. No surprise. You know that going in. From the time you agree to play a P2W game, you know it's unbalanced. Hence, the really strong can be bullies if they're jerks and choose to do so. Annoying, but nonetheless a fact we already agreed to accept by playing the game at all.

    So, using commonsense and courtesy in game areas like Battlefield, even the super strong can co-exist with low level players. Everybody gets Honour. Everybody has fun. Yay. *cheers*

    These bugs and glitches are shortcuts that people use are self-perpetuating anarchy. You can't really say logically: "I use the Evasion bug coz other players are too strong". Even with it, they will just be some people you can't defeat because you're lvl 45 and they're lvl 100. I should hope someone that high level can swat an enemy effortlessly.

    Even if you want to edge out the bullies and use glitches to smite them for spite, (which I'll admit is actually is a very appealing thought in Battlefield sometimes), you're being unfair to other players, who aren't bullies, but just trying to do other mini games, like Array or whatever, who still have to come up against you in Evasion Bug Defense Mode or whatever else it is you've managed to do to get a leg up.

    Finally, the developers need to build in some balancing things into this game:
    • Escort: Even if you can choose to loot your friends, at least make it so you don't loot your Guild Members by accident. Me, I'm done with looting players and rob the generic NPCs. As mentioned before, we're not that desperate for ways to get Evol Pills, yet. This current Events page makes me wonder though. Maybe someone goofed the event duration dates. Hm.
    • Server Merge: They also need some kind of algorithm for how to balance the mini games, when they merge older, stronger Servers with newer, therefore, (usually) weaker ones. Even people that are higher level than I am, complain they can barely to do Pet Exploration anymore. It's fine to drop 2 Goldens on skipping an enemy or 2, but when you have to do it multiple times in every round? No, no; that's a bit excessive.
    • [ Personal Beefs: Why do we need to spend Golden Diamonds to get the VIP Gifts? Why isn't a slight increase in the rate that Vitality regenerates a VIP benefit as well? ]
    For the record, I've no issue with spending money on a game that makes me happy. The artists, coders, maintenance staff and developers all have families to feed and since the game is free, they have to eat somehow, no? That said, I really don't like the trend the game is heading on and no one seems to be taking the time to stop it from going off the rails.

    PS: I was going to type "I hate the trend the game is heading on", but then I thought about it and it's too strong a sentiment. The more prevailing mood is one of boredom and heading towards apathy. Even as a VIP player, I don't own this game: I'm just renting it. It's hard to care deeply about something that so many people, users and creators, are happy to keep on using dishonestly and callously.

    PPS: My 2 cents. Correct anything misunderstood and I'm happy to listen. If it matters, I'm VIP 4. Feels more like paying for Event extras, and inching up as VIP by default, as I'm not big ticket enough to pay to win. Cheers.