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About different web browsers

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  • About different web browsers

    Because of this excerpt from unofficial chat (nicks are masked because this ain't privacy data selling facebook):

    Click image for larger version

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    A few suggestions based on my experience.

    1. Chrome is good, Firefox is good, Opera is the best. Please use one of them, the one you like the most. The one that doesn't restrict your experience of course.

    2. Adblock is hungry for resources. If you need to keep malware at bay, use ublock origin instead which won't take hostage of your RAM. Don't forget that block coin miners is also a necessity (unless you use Opera which has it integrated).

    3. Try not to use Edge at all (unless you need to test something through another browser). After creators update, Edge tends to hammer CPU for no reason - from fastest browser out there it turned into unoptimized piece of s. I wonder if Ubisoft was responsible for developing that trash (examples: AC4 and ACO).

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    i use opera for everything but for some reason this doesnt work on opeea so i use chrome for this


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    i use firefox for everything except gaming, the games seem to run smoother on chrome


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      Thanks for that, I always have adblock since I don't want to risk anything with my laptop but I will definitely try your suggestion about using ublock origin.
      I don't have problems with whatever browser I use when I use my desktop PC though so it's all okay for me whenever I'm at home.


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        is there a way to play this on mobile phone??