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    Hi there diligent Hunters!.

    We would like to know what style do you prefer, do you like to focus all your resources in one character or do you like to build a balanced team?

    Which is better for pvp? and for pve? if you like to focus on one character who would be that one?

    Please share your thoughts, discuss and comment!

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    REASON: IF i have to pick one i have to balanced my team Because some of the Character can support the other team. I think the best way is to equip your team for pvp and for pve. If i have pick on one Character it has to be Ging.

    IGN: Malee

    Sever: 42


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      In my case it's not a style I prefer, it's a style that's more practical in my current progression at certain points of the game.

      Till the moment Chrollo is recruited (sometime before level 75), advanced to two stars and then added to the party, I'm running balanced (pve) build: I need blue diamonds from fully cleared maps, nen tower stages cleared with 3 stars, sky arena cleared getting 9 sky stars and I need Elite stages cleared with three stars.
      I'm saying till Chrollo moment all my party members get equal levels, equal evolution (evol 13 on nonVIP, evol 15 on decentVIP, I'm not nor will even be highVIP) and equal NEN practice (floor 2 or 3).

      Upon adding Chrollo to the party it becomes partial pvp. This means I don't rebirth everyone, only the party member that Chrollo will replace. The hero replaced is either Kalluto (nonVIP) or Rare Leorio (VIP) - note that all my accounts that reached the Chrollo point have Rare Kurapika. Why is that so? I still want heroes to be able to clear map fully and full-stars every pve battle where non dying matters so I need them to remain on evolution 10+.
      However in this moment I spend almost all nen tower practice cards (save 200 for upcoming events) to get Chrollo on even higher NEN tower level than a hero at his place previously was. All evolution pills and NEN practice continues to go on Chrollo. Nothing on others.
      This party looks like this: Kite (with skin!) - Chrollo - Rare Kurapika - Shalnark - Kortopi (with skin!)

      At the moment of recruiting Uvogin, advancing him to two stars and adding him to the party, it becomes almost fully pvp.
      Rare Kurapika is not needed in the party any more, so instead of him I bring Kalluto (with skin, on VIP account too!) because of her party damage decreasing bonus.
      Uvo replaces Kite as I don't need any secondary damage dealer and Uvo is superior tank than Kite.
      With Uvo in the party I finally clear last few sky arena floors (those with 2 Gings that were otherwise impossible to clear and get 9 sky stars).

      The full pvp party happens on level 90 when Beans will be recruited and placed instead of Kalluto. At this moment the whole party except Chrollo will go through rebirth process so I can reach evolution 50 on Chrollo. Not only that, I'm gonna evabug a hero or two to protect my escorts, it's not my problem ignorant players don't have Chrollo in their party. You can write a complaint on me to waterworks management.
      And that should be it till...

      Now my plan is to enlist awakened Killua eventually and bond Uvo on him so he acts as undying damage dealer. Will it ever happen? Dunno. It wouldn't surprise me they shut down servers as after solving code bug, nothing new happened with the game.
      After that? Working on getting the rarest pokemon. Don't tell me you don't know what it is. A thing noone has in the game yet. Hints:
      - 8*80=640
      - 64*2100=134.400

      Note that I never used nor will ever use mainstream heroes in my active party. Completely worthless in my opinion, regardless of pve or pvp team setup. Those two are Illumi and Shizuku.
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        using a main dps character can be really helpful in pvp as he's the one that carry his team to victory, but this makes collecting 3 stars so hard in pve, the team falls easily while the main character finish the stage alone, not to mention that we need the resources from the pve to improve our team for the pvp