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  • Battlefield

    Hello fellow Hunters,
    I would like to suggest the following deal for the Battlefield event:

    if 4 - 5 players attend then
    - do not kill / hunt anyone, there are enough card spots
    - ask others to switch places for quests like "negotiate x B or C cards"
    - negotiate with the players in Battlefield if you need a win (which is possible by points (recommended) or card quest

    if there are more than 5 players then
    - do whatever you want or have to in order to complete your missions

    these rules make the event less stressful and everyone can win more honor

    obviously they won't work if one or many stronger participants/players decide to go berserk

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    You should have posted in details why is pacifist approach mathematically the most beneficial one in Battlefield aka why the intended idea of that event to be used as pvp arena - utterly fails.

    When "stronger participants go berserk"... Man, why are you being too nice.
    When some people start bullying around for no other reason but just because they're bullies, well, unless someone is higher NEN than me I start to bully those same bullies. Otherwise you won't see me trying to get irrelevant 50 honor for quests like "loot 10 cards", "kill 10 people", "make 10 streak win" or similar garbage devs put there because they lacked of interesting ideas.
    Respect to all bullies who admit they are bullies.

    Anyway, you missed to note something.
    In the event, I'm usually the one with highest nen. Currently. Before the imminent server merge... Generally I shouldn't be, it's just that people with higher nen seem not interested in BF and appear in there once per year or something.
    In BFs where I'm the highest nen, the deal is one team gets A cards, another S cards. That way we can all reach 800 honor and past it before the timer expires as no team can complete the cards collection. Another deal is of course that a player who lost the first game wins the next - we just fix the next match and everyone is happy. Unless of course random generator shuffled people so some will have to get win in their third game, but that's still good, right?

    Sadly, instead of being an interesting MOBAlike feature, in it's current state BF is simply used to grind honor and get tones of evol pills, a few red equipment shards, but also most important skin shards that are priced like a brand new car in different "sales". If skin shards weren't BF exclusive, I'd never ever set my foot on that buggy "you're too far from card holder" crap.

    In any case, I have to suggest making a detailed "guide" with answers on how and why and posting it in Strategy section of the forum instead of us just chattying about it here.
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      I don't even bother to do the loot or kill missions. The last time I did, someone asked if they could keep attacking me to get theirs done, so I thought: "Why the heck not?" It was all in good fun and then they let me do whatever, even collect 2 S cards for a mission.

      It's great to "not end the game" so everyone can get at least 800 Honour. Why bullies just run around killing people collecting the lowest cards on the field, I'll never guess. Too much caffeine, maybe.

      I find it interesting that currency we earn is called "Honour". For instance, the other day, one team had overwhelmingly won based on cards value. They had like 3 or 4 S cards and a ton of A's, you get the drift. A person on the opposite team tried to collect 1 S card and got swatted. Petty man, just lame. It wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome (winning team) and netted the person a bit more points.

      Do we need to mathematically chart out the merits of keeping Battlefield light, esp. when there are only a few people? I don't know... but it's a game, which is supposed to be relaxing and to me, not being a jerk, generally makes life a lot easier...


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        We don't need math charts. Unless someone wants to make one, I mean I won't bother.

        You get bonus honor three times daily - 1600 if lost, 3200 if won, 2400 if draw. This bonus goes only to shop, it's not your base honor. But you want at least one win bonus per day so you can shop those nice skin shards and receive evol pills.
        The bonus is based on your honor total in a match and you'll get it if your honor in a match is 800 or more! Regardless of how much more you got, the bonus will always stay the same.

        Quests you say? Can someone reach 800 without "solving" quests? Let's see on a pic, shallwe? I was negotiating only A cards and nothing else.
        How many quests I solved and how many honor I have? Is it match over soon, start panicking and rushing somewhere?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pic.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	218.4 KB
ID:	1987

        Matches after those three dailies, halve this shop bonus and don't drop more evol pills. But those half bonus numbers are still based on reaching 800 in a match.

        Thus give me a break. Bullying around is only because bullies want to bully. They don't want to let you reach 800 so they rush their silly win. Did they reach 800? In many cases they didn't.
        Oh they have to rush wins and get bonus honor because in their head it's 34566475628567934856934 honor gathered in the honor shop, they'll buy so many things today. Thanks to devs, they won't. Buying in honor shop is capped. But no, they need to bully all day long or they'll be depressed and miserable.

        If someone desperately wants to get those 50 honor from a silly killquest, make a multiacc and join BF with it too then smash it to pieces all day long for all I care.

        Of course I'd be telling another story if bullying was fruitful in some way so you could get, dunno, some rare hero or tons of pet shards or something. But currently, all you get is bully reputation.
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          I like your point about BF, sadly many players not understand this and bullies any1 in BF and this made rage quit for his target and many just quit from game after all, so in the end they stay alone.


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            Yea, a guy asked me about numbers, caps and bonuses and it's not really possible to write via ingame chat so... A few points with pics.

            See the pic in my previous post? Yellow letters on the right side Current Honor? Note that it can't go above 800. Never ever.

            After every fight you receive a message how many basic honor you got. This number is that yellow Current Honor plus (don't ask me the even the math behind it) card values a player has in their possession. That basic honor is added to ranking - remember, only basic honor is calculated for those nice skin shard rewards, red gear boxes and stuff.

            Then the game takes the yellow Current Honor number from the above pic and doubles it if you won.
            If it's one of first three battles of the day, it doubles it again.
            Then puts it in Honor Shop. This total is not used in ranking!

            Let's see some pics.


            First, case of a player who thanks to bullies managed to collect a few cards and that's it, his side lost the game but it was his first game of the day. So his yellow Current Honor was 351, it doubles because it's one of three bonus games and now in the shop he got 702 honor. Pathetic.
            Thanks bullies!
            Click image for larger version

Name:	battlebonus.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	32.5 KB
ID:	2006

            All right, the same guy tries his luck in the next game but plays it smart. Whenever a bully starts moving towards him, he runs back to base. But his side rushed the win and he needed just a few seconds to grab 800... His yellow letters Current Honor reached 790.
            Well it was a win so it doubles, it was his second game and it doubles again which is now a very nice 790*4=3160 in the shop.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	pic2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	29.5 KB
ID:	2007

            I came to Battlefield and our friend got lined in my team. And when I'm on Battlefield the rule is "no bullying or else". So we all go grind-o-rama and our friend reaches yellow 800, but has plenty of C and B cards more so his basic honor went over 1000.
            It's his third game so his double bonus is still active. The game doubles Current Honor value which was 800, because it was a win it doubles it again and now he gets this report:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	bfbonuswin.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	31.8 KB
ID:	2008

            In case there is an example needed when there is no double bonus. This player won 4th game of a day, but as there is no daily bonus, all they get is Current Honor 800 doubled for victory. No, there was no bullying nor killing. This huge basic honor came only from negotiation (okay this is an extreme case where 4 players entered the event but one went offline):
            Click image for larger version

Name:	bfnobonuswin.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	31.3 KB
ID:	2009

            Final example, no daily double bonus and a player loses but managed to pass 800 at yellow Current honor, means nothing doubles:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	bfnobonuslose.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	36.7 KB
ID:	2010


            Some might also want to know about case of a draw many of you didn't see ever and probably won't if you don't dodge rooms with bullies. If battle ended as draw, the yellow Current Honor gets multiplied with 1.5.
            So if you managed to reach the cap which is 800, you get 1200 total reward. If it was one of first three games of the day it's doubled to 2400.

            Any questions?
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              Okay, the rumor is that there is some "unkillable" VIP7856785683456 bully who is bullying all over the place insulting everyone on all servers in Battlefield. Haven't seen that thing yet so can't know if it's true, but it's possible I guess. Assuming it's true...
              Cmon people. Who is he to you? Or she? Why do you even care about that amateur? Ignore his pathetic existence already and start gaming your own game (within rules).

              I mostly talked in gloves and pink glasses about multiaccs here:

              For those who didn't read between lines, lemme draw it with my own practical example.

              I didn't start playing this game on s97, no sir, no mam. I played it on one server, learned something, another server, learned something more etc, finally on s97 I started playing the game "for real".
              Those old accounts? I don't play them any more. I could... But I just can't be a**ed.

              So anyway, here's the "trick".
              I apply to Battlefield with my main account on s97.

              At the point on the screenshot below (when 4 players accept and turn blue) I click CANCEL and apply again, not only my s97 account, but also all those old accounts of mine I don't play otherwise:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	bfcancel.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	91.7 KB
ID:	2017

              Gives what? I dodged playing with at least 4 other people of which someone could have been that ├╝berbully everyone is talking about and I can't care less about someone's complexes.
              And now I'm waiting 2-3 minutes for the next game to start. Me and my old accs as everyone else joined the previous instance except me. In that next Battlefield match sometimes another player appears. One who came late or deliberately dodged a bully.

              If I'm alone, you can think of a drill. Collect everything till times expires.
              If I'm not alone but another player came in too? Easy.
              We agree who'll win if it's our first game, then one collects A B and C, another S B and C cards.

              Result? An example from a few minutes ago where a player Tempesta stumbled in my "private" match:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	battlefield2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	205.6 KB
ID:	2018

              Ignore "battle" stats, that was my multiaccs going suicidal for kill quests. I didn't bully Tempesta nor he bullied me.
              Was Tempesta unhappy with this outcome? Check chat writing on the pic and tell me yourself.

              So next time be smart, show the middlefinger to that bully of yours that insults everyone and enjoy the game the way you want.
              Money can buy win in this game, yes, but it can't buy wits.
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                Originally posted by Joxer View Post

                "So next time be smart, show the middlefinger to that bully of yours that insults everyone and enjoy the game the way you want."
                So basically what your saying is "enjoy the game the way you want" as long is it benefits your "pacifism" play style but when a player/"bully" attacks someone then that means they are *AUTOMATICALLY*in the wrong...which you stated then you will *BULLY* them.....what a hypocritical statement!!!

                If the game was meant to be played passively then they would remove the ability to attack other players...but since this is *GREED ISLAND/BATTLEFIELD* ( key words being GREED and BATTLE) players have the right to play game (oops I mean "cow-milking" simulator) as they please, just like u stated above

                If you dont like it either get stronger or dont play..which in your case Joxer u have a lot of Nen so that automatically makes u "THE BOSS/ A Card Camper" of every Greed Island game u play.


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                  Another thing Joxxy, your playstyle is that of a Dictator/Govenor (Follow MY rules or I shall bring down thy HAMMER)....and you take pride in that role because ten times outta ten your the strongest player in every "bullying" preying on weaker players? NO...and neither is being a Dictator which if you think about it is no different then a bully....but in the end its RED vs BLUE every man for himself

                  Take what I said as food for thought


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                    I'm not sure if you're applauding me for teaching people how to deal with hardcore bullies or are just envious because you didn't think of it yourself.

                    Man I don't care what the game was ment to be. I'm not this game's developer that can know that. Are you developer of this game?
                    There is absolutely no word from developers since the day this game launched, thus I'm gonna play it the way that is more beneficial, both for me and for others. If you think of some better way, please shoot, I'm always open to new ideas that are "profitable".

                    Of course I'm a dictator, and on top of that, an evil dictator. You don't like getting thousands of honor under my dictatorship?
                    Can't take the heat? Then get out of my kitchen. Plenty of other Battlefield rooms you can waste time and nerves only to gain nothing of relevance.
                    Next time you stumble in a room with me, feel free to leave. I won't be mad. Quite the contrary. I'll be happy because you went to play the game the way you want, just as I suggest above.

                    But you have a logical error up there. I'm not the strongest player in every match. It's not possible - I didn't start playing this game when it launched.
                    For all I can remember that player up there, Tempesta, has higher NEN than me. If not him, some others that stumble in my "private" rooms definetly do.

                    So some food for your thought, is the game about being strong or about being smart?

                    Really? Okay I guess. Your choice.
                    I mean the game actually is advertised as (MMO) roleplaying game. I choose to roleplay an evil dictator.
                    Here's hope you didn't choose to roleplay a kid in a candy store. Seen too many of those already...
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                      LOL am I envious just because my outlook differs from yours?? nooooope but I shall give you a slow clap and slowly pick up the pace for your efforts....
                      Nah I dont run from hot kitchens, I thrive in them...for I am a Shark in sheeps I decline your offer of me leaving "your" matches
                      If Im matched up with you, and decide to play passive then I will...but if Im in the mood to show my jaws and feast on little fish, its my choice
                      As it may be your choice as "evil dictator" to chase me around the field ( will welcome it as I will dodge u every time)
                      Feel free to chase me as it will only take up time needed for u to reach 800 pts and 3200 honor


                      • Joxer
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                        Originally posted by Spirit Detective View Post
                        I shall give you a slow clap
                        Like this?

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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	comp_most-evil-people.jpg
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Size:	42.5 KB
ID:	2020

                      Officer it was the guy on the far right


                      • Spirit Detective
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                        s97Joxer: I won't comment on that one, he's digging his own grave.

                        After 3 rounds the judges have rendered their decision......

                        Winner by Verbal TapOut......

                        SPIRIT DETECTIVE!!!

                        :P :P :P :P :P

                        I did it 4 the lulz I did it 4 the lulz I did it 4 the lulz

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                      • Spirit Detective
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                        Joxxy will u b in the next Battlefield in a few hours?? Whats for dinner?