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A few thoughts about multiacc

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  • A few thoughts about multiacc

    No I'm not talking about you playing on a few different servers. I'm talking about you open another acount with a different e-mail address (please don't use social networks, just please) on the same server you're already playing. And then you're playing two accounts at the same time on the same PC within two different browsers on the same server.

    Let's clear the most important thing:
    Is it against rules to play two accounts on the same server? Currently it is not.

    Should you play two accounts where one will compete with another on the same server? Of course not, one account is your main, another will be a simple server/guild helper.


    So how does that work (optimally) and why should anyone bother with this?

    As you already know, the first week will be very busy where you'll be trying to get as high NEN as possible to grab rare Kurapika. No time for losing, you have to concentrate on only one account.
    After that first week, plenty of players will leave the server pr already left. You'll spot inactives in friends list and your guild.

    Which means if you will use a multiacc, you shoud start it the second week or later, certainly not before. Slowly but steadily you get it to level 45 to enable it escorts which bring diamonds daily along with ladder position. Don't forget that end of the first week event showers the account with blue diamonds depening on the account level. Anyway, once it's on level 45, you may forget about leveling it more. No point in that.


    1. It'll replace one inactive player in your guild. As it's not actively using blue diamonds for actual game and has tons of those, it'll do King's donates daily! Remember that along ladder and at least one gold escort it's capable of earning more blue diamonds by betting in fighting game.

    2. Did I say escorts? You'll roll it (free rolls) to send at least one gold escort daily during double escort time. And your main acc will rob it for 30 evol pills. Noone will get angry right? Yea, I don't know why developers didn't disable stealing from your guild members, they're to blame here, not me.

    3. It's Battlefield time and only 3 players applied. 15 minutes passed and noone is coming... What are you thinking? Apply also the multiacc! Not only he's the 4th player - you and others can also hit him without getting anyone angry to "solve" those moronic loot/streak/kill battlefield quests. Of course you won't use it if 27354273645 players already applied.

    4. Sooner or later an event called Association appears. And based on donations from all players, whole server gets rewards. Your multiacc benefits your whole guild!

    5. After the first week, there is a sale event that will refresh it's offer daily. Based on number of bought items, just as in previous point, the whole server gets rewards. Okay, it's not as juicy as energy in Association event but still. Your multiacc again is beneficial to everyone on the server.

    6. Finally, how about those 3 energy you were missing to complete exploration events but there were not enough active players to send it?


    One might ask me why this isn't in the Strategy section.
    The answer is simple, it's not a strategy but a necessity caused by empty servers. If a server had many active players, you playing more than one account would not matter as everyone would donate to the guild, everyone would be buying stuff and battlefield wouldn't be empty sometimes. So here's hope in time the game won't be clinically dead like it is today and these "shady" practices players can do will become irrelevant.

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    Ne replies or additional thoughts? I knew it.

    And I've deliberately avoided to mention multiacc also helping to beat guild bosses hoping someone will make a comment on that. People, cmon, wake up, forum needs you!


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      as usual great topic, thanks for the tips man really appreciate it, i think i won't have to deal with bullies anymore


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        The empty server thing is all too true. First day of server: World Boss flooded with players. These days, it may only be 3 of us. More than once I've fought alone. The latest server merge really hasn't solved much.

        Agree that since too many people in BF are total bullies about attacking and delaying you, that this is pretty much the only sure way to get your 800 honor and have a little fun. The other being to have reasonable people to play with, like yourself. Cheers.