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  • Make your Dream Team!

    What would be your Dream Team? What characters are you aiming for? Who is the most wanted for you? Let's discuss about that!

    In my case this would be my Dream Team:

    Chrollo -- Beans

    Awakened Killua

    Kikyo -- Zeno

    The most wanted for me would be: Awakened Killua.

    What about you guys? share your thoughts!

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  • #2
    First two lines I want exactly what you listed,

    But my last line wouldn't be milk'em based:
    Ging with skin (buffs acc%+ to everyone) -- Transmuted Biscuit (skyhigh acc)


    • #3
      I think first two lines are pretty common in every team, they got 3 different character for 3 different roles. Now, about last, i always understimated Zeno, but reading it now make me think he's a really tough guy. What Joxer said is correct, but in my opinion, you get one between ging and biscuit maybe. High evasion exploiter like chrollo, in end game are not pretty common, you may have some difficult hitting maybe 1 or max 2 character. So i think ging + bisc is a bit a waste, probably i'd go for ging if i have to choice. About Kikyo honestly i don't remeber her bonus, so i'm not gonna judge anything. That's just my opinion abou twhat you said, i still don't have a dream team, cause i would like to test much stuff before i'm able to say: "that's my dream team"
      Love you, Lisa


      • #4
        That's an interesting point of view Lisa.

        From my experience Ging and Biscuit doesn't work very well against end game teams even with all the bonds and array focused on Accuracy. Chrollo then becomes mandatory due to how game mechanics work at the moment but, the awakened ones or Zeno have a better stat growth so they will surpass him in the end.

        About Kikyo I'm already regreting. I think I should change to Aw Leorio.

        Still don't know what i will do...


        • #5
          Point taken but aw. leorio buffs atk/def/ten and I want acc boosting support.
          Zeno is VIP12 hero and honestly there is no way I'm ever gonna go for that. With that cash I can buy half of Steam's catalogue probably.


          • #6
            Wait, can't you get Zeno by legendary guild? cause other stuff from vip bonus pack, actually are not vip exclusive, are just highly anticipated. Maybe Alucard can answer since he has already unlocked it


            • #7
              Legendary guild:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	LG.jpg
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ID:	1926

              Zeno is the most expensive character in the whole game. Only vip 12 can get him. Even doesn't appear in the treasure hunter event, same as Silva.

              About Aw Leorio i only want him for the fury buff, usually first team to do an ultimate skill wins.


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              • Tikki@Server110
                Tikki@Server110 commented
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                why do you have so much blue?

              • VvvAlucardvvV
                VvvAlucardvvV commented
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                blue diamonds? I only spend those on specific events.

            • #8
              VIP12 or higher.
              Max VIP is currently VIP15.

              In case someone is wondering, to be VIP12 you need to buy 200.000 gold diamonds. Now click on "top-up" icon in top left corner of your game and calculate how much $ is that.

              Now you tell me. Do you actually want to be enslaved by one game, or you'd rather have a rich catalogue of games like me? Lemme show you:



              uPlay (sorry, they don't have a total of games, thus the pic of them all):


              Add to all that GTA5 which I bought directly on Rockstar Social Club and quite a few nonrubbish oldies and indies that are direct DRMfree installation (for example Drakensang and Drakensang:The River of Time).

              Your money, your call. I know where I'm gonna invest into next, but I assure you that ain't gonna be VIP15 somewhere. Nor will that be yet another milk'em MMO.


              • Joxer
                Joxer commented
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                Red heroes 2000, S-red heroes 4000 red souls.

              • Jason
                Jason commented
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                My steam library is about the same in number of games, though it would be more if I activated keys from cheap bundles. * blush * I should really be trading things on Indiegala or something...

                This game really is pay to win, and though I'm good with my main character, do wish I'd killed $40 (in my currency) to get "My Time in Portia" instead. (I was pretty ill and depressed when I made most of those Top Up decisions. O_o)

                Still working on my dream team idea, but I would love Scarlet Kurapika (no idea how people get Awakened Heroes).

              • Joxer
                Joxer commented
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                Visit Strategy part of this forum for threads about getting awakened heroes.

                Portia you say? It's alpha was so fun I've instantly backed them on Kickstarter. Can't wait till the game is finished.

            • #9
              Thank you


              • #10
                Just a short note, because in the meantime I learned some new things, the team I stated above wouldn't be my dream team.
                However I still want to try that setup from above and eventually I will, so I'll let it stay unchanged for the time being.