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Does anyone have Scarlet Kurapika or Awakened Leorio?

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  • Does anyone have Scarlet Kurapika or Awakened Leorio?

    I was looking through the manual, and was thinking about how much love Awakened Killua gets. I checked out S Kurapika's skills, they seem pretty good. A Leorio seems like pretty decent Fury control too. Does anyone use these Hunters?

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    Well can some1 tell me how can i win these heroes?


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      I'm pretty sure they are from the Treasure Hunt, like Awakened Killua and Gon. Cost a lot of prestige, and have to be a certain level to see them in the event. For example, now that I'm past level 70, I can see Feitan and Kikyo in the Prestige store in Treasure Hunt.


      • Jason
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        It's interesting, because I see Gon and Killua in Treasure Hunt right now (lvl 65).

        Really have to shell out some IRL cash to get the most tricked out features of the game.

      • JLol
        JLol commented
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        Yes, it helps if you put cash in when the treasure hunt events are up though. You get a lot of free hunt scrolls if you do.

        I have Gon and Killua. I can say that Gon is a good tank (best shield), though not having a revive like Uvogin and Binks puts him at a disadvantage. Killua is a ridiculous single damage dealer. He one shots a lot (in elite stage where I'm fighting enemies appropriate for my nen)

        Awakened Gon and Killua seem like they are godly; hopefully I'll get them too someday. I'm definitely going for Killua, but I don't know about Gon, Kurapika, or Leorio.

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      A question about these - 20 prestige is needed for either Gon or Killua in treasure hunt.
      Turned into real $, approximately how much we should shell out to get cca 20 prestige?


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        It really depends, because you can be smart about it and only use the scrolls you get for free during the events (like Single Top-Up the first day)...So I won't talk cost I'll talk number of rolls. Generally, for me, sometimes I would get 2 treasures in a 10 roll, sometimes it would take 30-40 rolls to get 1 treasure. So, it's hard to really tell because it is random. But, let's say on average it takes 20 rolls to get 1 treasure. You need 6 treasures to get 2 prestige. That's 120 rolls per 2 prestige. We can round it down to 100, because none of this exact anyway. That would mean it might take 1,000 rolls to get 20 prestige. This is not taking into account the number of times you get the extra prestige that is on the board, because that is so random there is no way I could quantify it just from my experience (I would need to count the board and calculate the probability).

        So, short answer, about 1,000 dice rolls for 20 prestige. If you only used golden diamonds for this, it would cost 10,000 of them. I basically only used the treasure scrolls I got from topping up, explorer, and other events during Treasure Hunt to do it though. I think I may have spent some gold diamonds on the group buy, since they are 63 for 10 rolls instead of 100.

        I hope that helps. Next time there is a Treasure Hunt, I can count the number of spaces/treasures/prestige on the board and calculate the probabilities of getting them. That would be a little more precise than my estimation here.

        Also, 20 prestige is for Rare Gon and Rare Killua. I don't know how much the Awakened ones are. (Can't see them yet at my current level). I know they are more than 55 prestige though, because Feitan and Kikyo cost 55 prestige each.


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          I haven't seen scrolls from events yet so...
          Basically, I need to wait some time to gather them before going into it,



          • Light @ Server 100
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            how to get rare killua? i can see him now even gon

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          what king of prestigue?


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            the server isn't opening what happen?