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What kinds of events/giveaways would you like to see in the future?

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  • What kinds of events/giveaways would you like to see in the future?

    Greetings Hunters,

    As you may know, we will be holding events with giveaways and rewards here on the forums every week. I want to make these events as fun and interactive as possible, and in order to do that I'd appreciate to know what you all think.

    If you have any ideas for forum events and/or contests that you think would be fun and exciting to take part in, please post them here.

    EDIT: I would also like to hear what you think the best prizes for forum events would be. Blue diamonds are always welcome, of course, but would you like some jenny, draw cards, or gear shards as well? We will take any reasonable suggestion into consideration when we are designing next week's forum event, so please let me know what you'd like.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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    "Best strategy contest" - Explain your best strategy, how it works, what characters do you need, formation. weak points, etc We could learn a lot from each other.

    "Story telling" - Tell us which was the most difficult fight you ever had doing the main story line. which chapter was the most difficult to get over it, a tough boss...

    "Greed Island" We all have funny anecdotes regarding the GI battlefield, share them with the community

    There you have some ideas.


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      Forum Titles- any of the small contest prizes could also just be a custom edit to your title here on the forums (Master Storyteller, Strategist, Greed Veteran) I think...

      Fan art / AMV / cosplay contest- I know there's craft and talent in our community.

      Trivia - Plenty of lore to work with, and you could do one every few months.

      Poker Draw - Players upload a picture of a playing card, and the moderator draws four cards at the end of the event to determine the winners.
      Prizes are awarded for matching or multiples of a card, and full house / straights, etc. Rarer hands are worth better prizes.

      Blue HP / ATK / AGI / DEF Challenge- user who farms the most Blue-1 of a specific type wins choice of the next special event and a small prize.

      Immortal - Someone volunteers to be "the Immortal" in Greed island.
      The immortal keeps track of the people who killed them.
      They play one game each block of greed.
      All they do in greed for that season is run around trying not to get killed.
      You aint never gonna catch meeeee XD

      Challenge Run- get video of yourself with no gear challenging the highest level dungeon you can, or a specific one with specific heroes. Bonus points for heroes with no level/advance/etc.

      Jankenpon- rock, scissors, paper tournament where everyone chooses their throw in a poll on the forums ahead of time and a mod randomly chooses one to see who tied and who won. like Fighting Game, but in the polls.