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Ideas for Chimera -- Chairman Arc Character that are hopefully added to the game later.

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  • Ideas for Chimera -- Chairman Arc Character that are hopefully added to the game later.

    So, since I'm bored and love HxH and HxO, I thought I'd make a post where we can discuss what we think Chimera/Chairman Arc heroes would be like in HxO (if they ever get added). Here are some of my ideas.
    Key: ULT: Fury ATK, SPC: Secondary ATK, PSV: Passive skill
    Youpi - DPS Tank
    ULT: Rage Blast - Deal massive damage to all enemies, caster loses 30% HP
    SPC: Metamorphosis - Deal damage to all enemies, high ACC attack
    PSV: Rage Incarnate - Youpi's attack increases 5% for every 10% of his HP that is missing
    Pitou - Control/Healer
    ULT: Doctor Blythe - Heals teammate with lowest HP to full HP
    SPC: Puppeteering - Controls enemy target for 1 round to attack teammates. (Can use Nen abilities at this time)
    PSV: Puppet Master's Serenity - Pitou revives one time per battle at 30% HP, with all stats increased by 50%

    Meruem - ???

    Alluka - ???

    Thats all from me right now. I'll be editing more in later.

    I hope to hear from you guys about the characters you wish to see in future updates. Also, if you think there are more appropriate skills for the heroes I listed, let me know! I'd love to hear your opinions!
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    I agree that the pitou should be healer, but in my opinion it should be:
    ULT: controls the enemy for one round.
    SPC: heal all allies and provide 3% attack for 2 rounds.
    PSV: Relive a dead ally once per battle.
    IGN: FairyAli
    Server: 53

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      I like the idea for the passive, and making her control into her ULT makes her less of a control and more of a pure healer.