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Guide to newcomer HUNTERS (day 1 to day 7)

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  • Guide to newcomer HUNTERS (day 1 to day 7)

    Hi all hunters . First of all i want to introduce you to my ign = Scarface/IIxLUCYxII/ErzaScarlet and i started code bug last 10 days (11/10/2017) . I am not vip player but sometimes i am vip1 . I start to use code bug when i see my enemy at S71 in BF (battlefield) have increased his stat dramatically . So i made a new char at S71 and investigate it . Then i find out about code bug and use it to fair fight with my enemy ^^ . That is not my real purpose to write all of this . My purpose is to write and share about non vip step (without code bug / BF bug) . Just a simple step as non vip player from 1st day to 7th days of new server release (please dont mind of my bad english , I am Singaporian and usually use singlish (informal singaporian + english) to write and chat in game ^^ .This is my 1st post so dont mind about it LoL . I played several server of this hunter x hunter game yet to find that is among best server for non vip to reach lv35 at 1st day because this server start new server at 00.01 compare to another server start it at 07.00 (so we will have reset at 05.00 and make all daily quest and buy vit again) for ranked in ML (Mighty List) event . Here is the list/guide i want to share to all newcomer hunters based on my experience and through failures . I am free player and i have no offend to all VIP players ^^ .

    VIP players = they help our server to survive
    NON VIP = they complete the server
    Bug player = they are just like virus ( i am regret to be one of them )

    1st day list/guide before reset (00.01 to 04.59) server time.

    1 - rush to lv20 wtih 4 blue hero , advance all or your hero to 2 star hero and +40 enhance gear (except mask , we dont
    need high agi/acc for story mode yet).You story mode chapter must at 3-6 (Pokkle boss)

    2 - go to solo mode for ladder match and challenge robot(not a player) for 10 times (5 free and buy 5 more attempts) to
    get about 1k + blue diamonds . Tips = only challenge robot from top left to get higher rank and more diamonds.

    3 - get a purple hero (Killua is recommended) by hit 10xadvance draw at summon . If your hero is not Killua at 10xadv
    draw do all this list to get more purple soul = add 15 friends to claim more draw cards , buy adv draw2 cards at 7days
    events sales . Draw all cards to get 1k purple soul and get Killua in your team.

    4 - rush to lv25 and join a guild . At guild donation we must to do King Donation and get more guild mark to buy evo pill
    (evolve pill to evolve your hero when you reach lv35) this is compulsory to buy evo pill as much as you can to prepare
    for next ML (mighty list) events.

    5 - rush to lv30 (that max we can do as non VIP player LoL) before reset . Your story mode should be at least at 3-14
    (Menchi Boss) . Bellow is the tips you must do and dont do :-

    a) buy 8 times vit
    b) buy all 30 attempts at Academy practise and do all practice to get more exp Lv
    c) open min of 10/200 crate at sky arena (solo mode) . Each 5 floor we open once with 10 blue diamonds.(with 200k
    NEN you can reach floor 25)
    d) only hit 1 type of trial >jenny normal 1< at hero trial (solo mode) so we can hit 15 trials next day.You can claim 2 free
    attempts (get all)
    e) buy evo pill at ladder shop (1k ladder prestige for 20pcs evo pill) and guild shop (1.6k mark for 20pcs evo pill) and
    spend all remaining mark you have to buy evo pill
    f) only use 2 purple hero + 3 blue hero from day 1 to day 3 (i ll explain later) here is my trick , i prefer to use 4blue +
    1purple hero till 3rd day but i dont know why with 4 blue + 1purple hero i cant reach rank 1 ladder match after reset but
    with 2purple + 3blue (same nen) i can reach rank1 ^^ , maybe its the system requirement ^^ . i said maybe LoL .The
    trick is i use 4blue + 1 purple and extra purple hero in my Hero icon will max lv (we will have enough exp scroll) dont
    worry . and rush at ladder match with 2purple and 3blue heroes.
    g) dont split any extra heroes you got (its for 3rd day ML events trick)
    h) do/hit all your daily quest
    i) dont spend any code coin yet (we spend it at 5th days of ML)

    With right step listed above your should be at 200k to 220k , we non VIP no need to rush in NEN . And i have all this before reset 3blue heroes with 2star , 1 blue hero 3star and a Killua with no star and all of then is max lv30 (you only can use 2 purple hero if you want) . More purple hero you use , more diamonds you will spend later for evo ML trick at 3rd day

    1st day list/guide after reset (05.00 to 04.59 next day lol) server time .

    1 - stand by at Ladder Match right after server time reach 05.00 and rush to get Rank1 for more rewards at ladder shop
    ( our priority is evo pill ^^) . If you quite slow at least try to get Rank 5 at ladder match so we will get more rewards
    (evo pill) at 3rd days from 7days events .

    2 – you have 2 option after do Ladder Match , to play as usual or rushing in lv like me ^^ . Normally after do Ladder
    Match i ll rush to lv35 so i am the 1st rank at ML and get better rewards ^^ . I ll use ML bug wkwk (i am not post the
    guide for ML bug here LoL) , so if you not rushing on lv just play like usual .

    3 – reach lv32 and you will have 1 more option in Gear icon (refine) . Make your main DPS (Killua) to have all gear refine
    at +5 and the rest hero gear at +5 (if you have enough materials) .Follow this step to refine , DPS hero start with
    weapon>robe>belt>mask , another heroes start with robe>belt>weapon>mask ( its not compulsory) . But i prefer to
    focus on my main DPS (Killua) with this build +10 knife(death knife/sky rapier) and the rest of his gear at +5 only and
    my TANK (Captain) +10 robe and +10 belt (hunter robe) and the rest hero will have +5 robe and belt only . So my
    formation for story is Killua and Captain (put him at middle) at front row . Tips = with Killua good atk you only need
    2/3 hit to kill back row and good atk is good def too , so you can clear Boss as fast as you can (to to disable AUTO
    ultimate at 1st wave and enble AUTO at 2nd wave) . To reach +10 refine and get more materials (refine stones) i dont
    use all purple/golden gear i get from rewards but split it to get sky coin to buy more refine stone . Use blue gear
    (hunter set) only for all hero except Killua weapon (death knife/sky rappier) . After that you can kill Menchi boss like
    peace of cake ^^ .

    4 – last but not least , get to lv35 with 1purple + 4 blue heroes or 2purple + 3 blue heros and your will have 1 more option
    at team > raise (evolve) and evolve your hero equally balance or just Killua +3 evo . Your NEN is about 300k to
    350k+ and at story mode at least reach 4-6 (Female Prisoner Boss) . Try to loot death knife shard and reset it to loot
    again (it for next ML preparation) . Here is the list you must do and dont do : -

    a) buy 8 times vit
    b) get min of 10/20 pcs code shard at Academy Practise (that mean only buy practice attempts to reach 10 or 20 pcs
    code shard)
    c) only hit 1 type of Hero Trial (jenny normal-1) and get all 2free attempts of jenny normal-1 trial , so we can hit 15 trial at
    2nd day events (seize resources) to get 2pcs purple gear .
    d) open 20/200 crate at sky arenae) use all your sky coin to buy refine stone (but dont use any sky coin after 00.00 2nd day when you claim sky coin
    rewards at 7days events) it for step to get 18pcs gear quality ML later .
    f) just to remind , dont spend any code coin yet
    g) buy evo pill at ladder shop (1k ladder prestige for 20pcs evo pill) and guild shop (1.6k mark for 20pcs evo pill) and you
    can start to buy code tapper now (max it to 20pcs) .
    h) try to join BF (Battlefield) event at 13.00 and 20.00 for more rewards , check it later , you can enter BF at 1st day from
    Menchi NPC at exam location map (players only see BF icon after day 2) and its not compulsory unless you want hit
    1.8m nen and lv 50 (my best record as non vip without code/BF bug) . After BF , try to join WB (World Boss) events to
    get more jenny as a reward based on your damage Rank .
    i) if you cant get Rank1 at ladder Match , only hit 30/50 adv draw to get p.mat1 to p.mat4 to make your Killua 4star
    hero when he reach lv 38

    2nd day list/guide

    Before i forget i want to list all reset of the game bellow :-

    a) server reset (all daily quest , events) at 05.00

    b) ML reset (Mighty List Events) at 00.00 . So from day 2nd day to 7th day all pro player will online this time to get higher
    rank at ML and do ML bug for better rewards . So newcomer becaful ^^ (only top 10 rank with super rewards
    requirement can claim Phantom gear) with ML bug its helps more then 10 players can claim Phantom gear but make
    sure you are on Top10 ML rank

    c) Ladder Match rewards (you can claim LM reward to get prestige and diamonds base on your Rank) at 21.00 d) EVENTS (try to check your events at events icon because all events have end time and most of it end at 05.00) 1 – just like i mention before most pro player (non-vip) will do all ML requirement right after ML reset at 00.00 . So after
    2nd day they will rush to collect all purple shard from chapter 4 to chapter 5 at story mode and get min of 12pcs
    purple gear and split all to have 6,000 x 12 = 72,000 sky coin and buy 6 more purple gear at sky shop , so they
    will have total of 18pcs gear quality and if they are fast enough they can have rank1 or 2 at ML rank to get better
    rewards (use ML bug) most VIP dont know the 2nd day ML gear quality work (asume that we must have 18pcs purple
    or above quality gear on deployed hero) . But using that methods wasted a lots or purple gear/materials/sky coin later
    on . So i just list what i do then you all can get more purple gear (i can get 16/17 pcs without need to split gear) . That
    why i dont care to get high RANK at ML for 2nd day . So i play after reset ^^ . Here is my List of getting purple gear

    a) Ladder Macth rewards (3pcs) = rank 300 (purple) , rank 5 (purple) , rank 1 (gold)

    b) Sky Arena = i did mention to open min of 20/200 crate so after reset we will open it to 50/200 now to get 1
    more purple gear just hit 50/200 crate . For newcomer it is advices to open each 5floor with 5 times (130 diamonds) so
    you only need to reach floor 25 . So 25 floor/5 = 5 times opned with 130 diamonds , total of 650 blue diamonds .
    But i can reach floor 30 at sky arena with the help of VIP palyer as our assist at sky arena , challenge lowest nen boss
    to get till floor 30 . So i just need to open 4 times each 5 floor with 90 blue diamonds (each 5 floor we open 1free and
    use diamonds 90pcs to open another 4 times) so total of 5 times open x 6 (30 floor/5) and spend only 360 diamonds
    ^^ . so we complete 50/200 crate at sky arena at floor 30 and claim another purple gear (its not compulsory) . But for
    me i must hit 50/200 (with 30 times open crate at sky arena) we complete 1 events to get 20 sky robe shard and at
    same time get another purple gear (more purple you split after complete this day more R.stone you will have later) .
    And at Sky arena rewards 1 more purple gear can be claim so that make total of 2 pcs purple gear .

    c) 7 days Events = buy death pack with 800 diamonds to get 2 pcs purple gear (not compulsory)

    d) Story Mode = i can get 6pcs purple gear but you must wise to manage to go till chapter 6-10 (Silva Boss) so you can
    loot all purple shard from chapter 4 to chapter 6 ( total 6 bosses that give purple shard if you loot them) , i only
    complete 1 purple gear if i have 35+ purple shard , so i can save more sky coin (think yourself) , so we can get 6pcs
    more purple gear from story .

    e) EVENTS = Seize resources (EVENTS) this is a time we hit 15 trial at HERO trial to get 2 pcs purple gear , and if i am
    not wrong we will have EVENTS called code gift (hit 50 practice at AF to get 1 more purple gear (death mask) but let
    asume that i am wrong ^^

    f) Sky Shop = spend all remaining sky coin to complete higest purple shard to get more purple gear (ususaly 1 to 2 pcs
    can get) . So total of 3+2+2+2+6+ (1 or 2) = 16 or 17pcs (15 or 16pcs you you fail to get rank 1 ladder match) . And to
    complete ML requirement , we just need to split 2pcs purple to get 12k sky coin can buy 40 shard to get another piece
    of purple gear (depend how more you need to get top 10 ML rank) . I split all but not death knife/sky rappier on Killua
    and death Robe on my Captain and use sky coin to complete my hero gear to all blue . Its a long walktrough if i list 1
    by 1 , so i will make short .

    2 – get to lv 38/39 base on how active you to log in at 12.00 and 18.00 to get free vit rewards . My nen is about 480k to
    500k+ after get all 18pcs gear quality ML at 2nd days ended . And if you reach 450k NEN try to get 3 star victory at
    Elite Stage (Solo Mode) 450k NEN open . I only can reach stage 3 at Kurapika Boss . Here is the list you must do
    and dont do for 2nd day of playing .

    a) buy 8 times vit (so we can loot purple shard from chapter 4 to 6 and use 20pcs diamonds to reset and loot again)
    b) get min of 10/20 pcs of code shard at Academy Practise (Multi Mode)
    c) use all remaining sky coin to buy R.stone for next ML (4th day ML refine gear)
    d) buy evo pill at ladder shop (1k ladder prestige for 20pcs evo pill) and guild shop (1.6k mark for 20pcs evo pill) andcode tapper (max it to 20pcs) .
    e) join BF at 13.00 and 20.00 (at least join 3 times either at 13.00 or 18.00)
    f) join WB events for more jenny (we need more jenny to enhance our gear)
    g) hit 15 trial with jenny stay at jenny normal-1 one and another 2 type trial either R.stone + code exp or exp scroll + evo
    pill based on day (only 5 type of trial is opend on sunday) if your EVENTS (seize resouces) held on Sunday make sure
    you hit 15 trial from this type (Jenny , Exp Scroll , Evo pill) because on monday it will open R.stone and Code Exp type
    trial , so we must not hit this 2 trial on Sunday . Many will ask how to hit 15 trials (Solo Mode > Hero Trial) . So it will
    happned like this , when you open Solo > Hero Trial > Jenny , there will be 3 stage or normal 1 to normal 3 , so do
    another 2 type or trial either R.stone + Code exp or Exp Scroll + Evo Pill . At day 1 we challenge jenny normal 1 , and
    every reset we will get 2 free attempts and just buy another 1 attempt with 50 daimonds , so it is 2 + 1 = 3 trial . So just
    hit another type of trial either R.stone + Code Exp or Exp Scroll + Evo pill with 3 challenge from normal 1 to normal 3 (3
    hit) + free 2 and + 1buy attempts (3 hit) total of 6 hit each type of trial.

    Jenny (stop at jenny normal-1 from 1st day) 2 free + 1 buy attempts = 3 hit
    R.stone (challenge to normal-3 today) 2free + 1buy attempts = 3 challenge + 3 attempts = 6 hit
    Code Exp ( challenge to normal-3 today) 2free + 1buy attempts = 3 challenge = attempts = 6 hit total of 15 hit trials
    (trial is based on day of Seize Resources events held , so dont confused) .

    3rd day list/guide

    1 – this is the most difficult of all ML . Without preparation from 1st day , its hard to fix it later when you reach 3rd day , and
    i need to list quite long explanation for this day . Oke like i said before , most of all non pro non vip player will stand
    by/log in at 00.00 of this day . They want to get higher rank at ML , if the server dont have spender only vip1 to vip4 ,
    the chance to get 1st rank is high , just hit 18 evo of all deployed hero and you will get 500evo pill (rank 1 ML) a is
    your . I am not going to list the step here . So i ll just list what i do after reset , i prefer to list it because you will have
    more time/change to get 18evo wtihout need to spend too much diamonds .

    2 – get to lv 40 first , then you can recruit more hero at violet guild . Usually i will try to get Neon or Menchi first . So i will
    give you example how the step to get 18evo deployed hero fo Mighty List event (3rd day) . Here is the list we need to
    have from 1st day we play ( i will give full datail on my next post) . From day 1 to day 3 , we all already do 4 time KD
    at guild donation and bought 20pcs sales x 4 = 80pcs evo pill . From day 1 to day 3 we bought 4 time evo pill (20pcs
    sale) . At elite stage you must clear all 450k open with 3star to get total of 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 50 + 60 = 150 evo pill
    and if you active in BF from day 1 , it is an advantage to you because you will get total of (20 + 10 + 15) x 3 = 135pcs
    evo pill . After reset if we hit 15 trials again , we will get 300pcs evo pill . And if you can get Rank1 at ladder mach you
    will get more evo pill based on your rank and can claim evo pill at 7days events (i ll give more details about it later) .
    So the process is going to be like this : -

    From 1st day let said i have 2 blue hero in my extra (Gon and Captain) and i recruit 2 more purple hero after reach lv
    40 (let said it is Neon and Menchi) . So i ll have 4 extra heroes and my Team is Killua , Gon , Leorio , Kurapika and
    Captain . After reset of 3rd day i ll make all of them +3 and claim more evo pill at 7days event (you can make all you
    hero +3 after ML reset at 00.00) . After that i will clear elite stage 450k open and will have all evo at that stage . I will
    start all step now with all hero +3 and killua+4 . After my killua +4 i ll claim more evo pill at 7days event . Now my
    team have +4 Killua , + 3 Gon , + 3 Kurapika +3 Leorio and + 3 Captain . Let say i have 1.8k diamonds now . I will
    start to change all my +3 heroes to my extra clean heroes (Neon , Menchi , Gon , Captain) in my team now and split
    all my +3 heroes just now . It is to get all materials back (evo pill) and make my Killua to +6 to claim more evo pill at
    7days events . After that in your Summon icon , you should have 500 blue soul and get another blue hero make you
    easy to manage team (ususally i will have more then 2 blue hero to make me easy to do Academy Practise trick later
    and manage to change hero whenever you need to) . I will get Leorio and change my Killua (in my team) to Leorio
    and rebirth Killua to get all material back (evo pill and all materials you spend to Killua) . Then i will put put back my
    Killua in team and take out Leorio (dont split Leorio) and start to evolve all my hero back 1 by 1 (if you got all my list
    needed from day 1 , you are definately will reach 18evo deployed hero) . So you no need to use a lots of diamonds
    to get evolve 18 , if you split hero compare rebirth (use 100 diamonds each hero) . This is not just the only way to get
    18 evo . In case if you not get rank 1 ladder macth , make sure you get rank 3 so you only lose 200 evo pill ^^ (from
    rank1 rewards , that why at 1st day after reset , i will rush on Lader Match and get min rank3 at Ladder Match) . My
    new team will be like this , with +4 Menchi , + 4Killua , + 4 Neon , +3 Gon and + Captain (if you have more purple
    heroes you get form day1 it is a bonus for you) . And you dont need to go all this step if you active at BF and manage
    to get 19k honour for 200pcs evo pill at BF rewards . So no need to make Killua +6 , straight away to evole all your
    hero to +18 (must full the list i mention from day 1 to day 3 how to get evo pill and must at Rank1 Ladder match) .
    And another way is to use a lots of diamonds ^^ . If you fail to get rank 1 at ladder match , dont worry , but you should
    not hit 50/50 adv draw (azure adv draw to get gmat4 and gmat5) stop at 30/50 adv draw . After reset at day 3 make
    killua to +6 and do all the step i mention just now . You will need about 1.5k to 2k diamonds to buy 300 to 400 pill at
    7days events sales , that all ^^ .

    3 – after get all 18 evolve deployed heroes , your lv will be at lv42/43 and have about 750k nen to 800k+ NEN based on
    how you spend you materials on your heroes . Here the list you must do and dont do at 3rd day

    a) buy 8 times vit (from day 2 to day 7 your vit must spend on purple shard but no need to reset) because if you loot adv
    stone to raise your heroes star , it a waste anyway . All purple heroes just need to stop at 2 star and only 1 purple hero
    is at 4star (in my case Menchi) . We must loot purple shard to complete our gear later and looting purple shard is
    better then looting heroes adv stone before you can reach Story Mode chapter 8 ( to loot golden adv stone) . Moreover
    after complete all purple gear at 7day , if you split any gear , you will have sky coin , with sky coin you can buy R.stone
    and golden shard later) .

    b) try to get min of 10/20 pcs of code shard at Academy Practise (we need to do all this from day 1 to prepare for next
    ML at 5th day (Code Refine) . Only buy attempts to complte 10/20 pcs code shard . Active in BF (Battlefield) will help
    you a lots if you reach 6k honour (60pcs practise ticket) to buy Academy Practise attempts .

    c) after done with 18evo ML , try to have all blue gear to all your heroes (if you want better rank at ML for better rewards)
    except main DPS hero weapon ( in my case Menchi Death knife/Sky rapier) . And all your gear is refine to all min +10 .
    My Menchi will have +15 her Weapon

    d) reach as high as you can with 3 star victory at sky arena . (no not open crate with diamonds anymore)

    e) do all daily quest

    f) about trial you should stop at jenny normal-1 , and R.stone normal-3 + Code Exp normal-3 or Exp Scroll normal-3 +
    Evo Pill normal-3 (based on what day Hero Trial is open) so we can hit another 15 trial tomorrow ( 4th day) .

    g) Everyday we must join WB (world Boss) for jenny , try to join BF , and at 3rd day maybe your Guild will reach lv3 and
    have GB ( guild Boss ) , join the event for more rewards .

    h) spend all sky coin to buy R.stone at sky shop for next day ML (must buy before reset of day 4th) . As non vip I can
    reach 280 to 300 refine lv next day (ML super rewards only need 240 refine level of all deployed heroes gear) . I want
    to reach as high as i can at ML rank , because the rewards is more R.stone based on ranking .

    4th day list/guide

    1 - for 4th and 5th days of ML requirement , it is not so hard to achieve . Stanby to log in at 00.00 to collect rewards form
    ML (more R.stone and purple gear) . After that just refine all your gear to reach min 240 refine . If you use too many
    purple gears , just wait till reset (05.00) and buy more R.stone later . That why i prefer to use all blue gear (only
    Menchi weapon is purple/gold) because blue gear consume less R.stone to refine . For 4th days , i think no need to
    give more details because its not so hard compare ML of Gear Quality (2nd day ML) and Evolve Heroes (3rd day ML) .

    2 - lvl up to reach lv44/45 , and if you reach lv 45 , there will be 1 more daily task is added on your Quest . It is
    Esscort , try to send golden airship min of 3 everydays , and only buy one more attepmt if your refresh is gold ship ,
    be top 3 ranking on Esscort to get more diamonds everyday . Here is the list of what you need to prepare for 5th days
    (last ML that give phantom gear (phantom belt) : -

    a) buy 8 times vit (your vit still spend on purple shard , no need to reset it)
    b) try to get min of 10/20 code shard .
    c) reach the higest floor at Sky Arena base on you ability . Try to recruit Baise in your team now , Baise is reliable support
    hero and very useful at Sky arena (because of her skill = Hex) to kill the Boss .
    d) and for Hero Trial , this is the last day that we can hit 15 trials , so just hit all your trial to max hard-3 ( all type)
    e) try to active in BF , its help to get more NEN at 7th day (because of rewards that give many materials) . If i active
    everyday at BF on 13.00 and 22.00 . and try to get min of 5k honour everyday , in 7th day i will get total of 35k
    honour , some players can reach 42k honour in just 7days of joining BF ^^ .
    f) at this day use only 2 purple code and 8 blue code for next ML (Code Enchant) .
    g) after reach 240+ refine gear and ranked at ML today , dont spend any sky coin from now . We will use it at 7th days of
    playing to get best result of boosting our NEN . Remember only top5 highest NEN can have Rare-Kurapika at
    CONTEST event .
    h) like i mention before never spend a single code coin till day 5 , (so tomorrow is the time we use it)

    5th day list/guide (this is the last day that give last part of 4/4 phantom gear)

    1 - standby at 00.00 to be fastest player to get +100 code and use ML bug (if you know it) . If you cant reach 100+ code
    enchant , just wait till reset . Because after reset you can get more code shard at Academy Practise . And this is the
    time we use our code coin , buy necessary code exp at code shop . The rest code coin can spend for runes . After 5th
    days of ML , you complete 4/4 phantom set , and just do all this list bellow : -

    a) but 8 times vit ( still on spending it for looting purple shard ) .
    b) do all daily quest
    c) if you reach 100 code enchant before reset , no need to buy attempts anymore to get 10/20 code shard
    d) must active at BF ^^ , if you want to boost you NEN .
    e) no need to worry about trial anymore
    f) get higest floor at sky arena , if you can reach 220 star at sky arena it a bonus to you , standby at 00.00 tomorrow and
    do ML bug (if you know) .

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    mss U erz lol 1stblood


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      Where have you been ???

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    Hi Master 1stblood . we only not see each others for 2 days lol


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      Wow, and you wrote all of this stuff. Buggers


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        get a life dude!


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          Get a life? Thats 30 mins work u play x10+ that time daily

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        Hi Scar. good to know u still doing well, s41 here, dont need to mention my iGn coz the game kinda boring now, sitting at the top and nothing else for a challenge even with merging with another server.

        p/s: wish i have ur guide when i started this game months ago.


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          sorry but you don't deserve to login again and play on your account etc it should be permanently deleted for cheating and abusing the system!!!


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              Originally posted by UG249668 View Post
              Hi Scar. good to know u still doing well, s41 here, dont need to mention my iGn coz the game kinda boring now, sitting at the top and nothing else for a challenge even with merging with another server.

              p/s: wish i have ur guide when i started this game months ago.
              Hi Cyth , long time no see


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                Gr8 work


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                  Good work xD


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                    Where did my notes disappear, I mean... It's not good nor is great.

                    It's written as a reminder for someone who already knows all the tricks, it's definetly not for newbs as it's confusing in some parts and in other not detailed enough.
                    I seriously suggest starting a server or a few on your own before trying to follow this.
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