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How to spot and report an Evasion Exploit User

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  • How to spot and report an Evasion Exploit User

    If you want to help me get rid of these evasion exploit users, click HERE

    Greetings Hunters,

    Have you ever encountered an enemy whose team you easily wiped out but you just can't seem to hit one of his characters? This, most likely, is due to the use of the evasion bug. While I'm sure the development team is hard at work to resolve this issue, I thought I'd write a short guide on how to spot these cheaters and what to do when you come across one.

    First, if you battle a user and can't hit one of his Hunters no matter how high your accuracy is, you may have come across a bug user. Unfortunately, just from battle, there is no way to prove that the user is employing the Evasion bug.

    However, if you can check the user's character screen, you can confirm with 100% certainty whether or not the person is using the evasion bug.

    First of all, the bug works because the evasion stat scales with level. So, if you have 5000 evasion on a level 50 Hunter, you may only evade 20% of the time. However, if you have 5000 evasion on a level 1 Hunter, you may evade 100% of the time.

    Before I go any further, I want to make clear that I am not writing this guide so you can go out and start using this bug. Evasion bug users will be suspended or BANNED, so don't even think about using it!

    I am writing this guide to give you the knowledge that you need to report these cheaters so that myself and the rest admin team can ban them.

    Here is what you will need to give us proof of an evasion bug user; a screenshot of their character screen with the character that always dodges highlighted. This character will most likely be level 1, this is how we know that the evasion bug is in use.

    To sum it all up, if you want to report an evasion bug user, send myself or Dreaming Kitty a screenshot like this one.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	famimac-EVABUG.png
Views:	2
Size:	129.6 KB
ID:	1784

    This user is clearly using the evasion bug, and this is all the proof we will need to take disciplinary action against them.

    If you have any questions about how to report a potential EVA bug user, please reply to this thread.

    If you would like to report an EVA bug user, please send me a PM with a screenshot like this one, the IGN of the bug user, and the server that he/she plays on.

    With your help, we can rid HXO of these despicable cheaters.

    Best regards,
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    i dont think lv 1 is bug eva. when u have high lv, when pvp, heroes lv 1 eva 5000 cant live when main hero of opponent to do skill. u cant kill famimac because his chrolo strong, not because he has lv 1 hero


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      The way the this bug works, is that a lower level unit will have a higher EVA%, CRIT%, and TEN% if you stack these stats. I have done my research and this is how the bug works. I know this to be 100% true.

      For example, this user's Hisoka would have a very high CRIT%, EVA%, and TEN% due to the way the stat system works. I used 5000 evasion as an example, I don't know the actually value of this Hisoka's evasion stat. But, this user is 100% using the EVA bug, there is no doubt about it.

      Evasion bug users may have other strong heroes, but if you happen to kill those heroes, you can't touch their evasion bugged hero and their pet will wipe out your team.

      I would post a video that I found explaining the evasion bug, but I don't want people to copy it and start breaking the game AGAIN.


      • #4
        this is bug work but dont working when u see acc strong, i think it working when clear practice tower. and it is not clear as bug code. u cant say them bug eva because they use lv 1 on team. hero lv 1 only bug eva when they use bug code because they has atk, def, HP high to finish the match. if no u live low hero, u cant win the match


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          The point of the evasion exploit isn't to use that hero to kill the other team, but to stay alive long enough for the pet to kill the other team. The low level hero evades every attack, and the pet has time to finish off the opponent. And this user is Rank 1 on arena in Server 1, it is obvious that he is using the evasion exploit. Don't worry though, I have brought it to the attention of the tech team and they are working on fixing it. It won't be around much longer.


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            i dont worry about eva bug, i only worry about bug code. i already report many bug player but they still play. i think they know how to continue bug code after the tech team fix bug code. exam holyphantom s4, i report many times. after fix he transfer from satotz to tonpa


            • JLol
              JLol commented
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              I will let the tech team know about your concern. I suppose it could be that not all of those who had the code bug enabled before it was fixed had it removed automatically. The best way to let someone know is to post a screenshot, name, and server to Dreaming Kitty's visitor message board.

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            Take a look at the user's total nen, 33.6m. This user is #1 on the arena on S1 with this team. Other Hunters on this user's team is level 100. This congruence of evidence leads me to believe that this person is taking advantage of the evasion exploit in order to win the top spot in the arena on server 1. In fact, 2 of the top 3 in the arena on S1 are using evasion exploited characters. I applaud the 3rd ranked person on the arena in this server for not stooping to this level, and I would love to get him/her to weigh in on this matter. If this were not an exploit user, they would not be able to be ranked #1 on arena on S1 if they had a level 1 Hunter on their team. Thinking logically, that Hunter would get crushed by other Hunters who were actually leveled up. But, since the system has a strange way of calculating secondary stats, this kind of thing can and does happen.

            Remember, this exploit does not only mean you cannot be hit (unless your opponent has a low level character with high accuracy), it also means that you will always crit, and never be crit. EVA, CRIT, and TEN are all effected by this exploit.

            Like I said though, the tech team is working on a fix for this. So, we won't have to worry about this "bug" (exploit really) for much longer.


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              Basically, and time you see a Hunter who's level is much lower than their max, it enables that Hunter to have increased EVA, CRIT, and TEN rates. That is the basic way that the evasion exploit works. I can show you more screenshots of the top arena players on S1 to prove my point if you'd like.


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                Originally posted by VvvAlucardvvV

                Are you telling me he is number 1 on his server thanks to that? against those monsters? sorry but i cant buy that.
                I was telling you that if he had a level 1 hunter on his team that was not exploited, he would not be rank 1 on the arena, not that he is rank 1 because he uses the exploit. Without the exploit that Hisoka would be 100% useless and have no reason to be on the team.


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                  No worries Alucard, we are having an intelligent debate and (hopefully) not hurting feelings. I ask people to send screenshots, because I can send the information to the tech department, and they can check the user's battle record. That's why I only need a screenshot.


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                    that is bug when it help our win when fight with account stronger than our as bug code. but i see it dont helpful. so why see it as bug, because low lv acc cant seem to hit one of high lv acc characters?


                    • JLol
                      JLol commented
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                      The bug code has been removed from almost every server. And evasion exploit makes it the person using the exploit will win, even if the two accounts are the same level (nen, Hunters, etc.)

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