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Ways to get your bug report noticed.

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  • Ways to get your bug report noticed.

    There are a few ways to get attention to your bug reports and posts, and while this isn't an official post...
    I thought it would be helpful to list the ways you can get in contact with the admins, or get traction with your issue.

    First, you should document what you can with screenshots
    Whether it's someone abusing a bug, or missing diamonds, show your screen and circle the problem areas in red pen.

    When you submit your issue, the admins are going to need to know some information, so giving it to them up front makes figuring out what you want a lot easier for them.
    Tell them your server number and player name, what the issue is, and if you know how it happened.

    are you missing anything they need to give back to you like diamonds?

    once you have that information and documentation, there are a few ways to send it in.


    Email is the easiest way, you can reach support at:

    Be sure to include all the information you have, and WORKING email address they can reach you at,
    or a messaging client that you ACTUALLY log into so they can reach you.


    You can also try posting in the Bug Report & Suggestions section for gameplay bugs:

    If you do this, you should post all of the same information and documentation...
    but you can also add a Tag to your post near the bottom of the submission form.
    Adding the tag for administrator and gameplay bug (like I did to this post) from the list of tags will help them locate your post much easier.


    Finally, you can leave a Visitor Message or Private Message for any account labeled an Administrator
    as long as they have not individually disabled it in their settings.

    Looking up their user profile through the search function, you'll be able to leave a message in one of two ways.
    Take a look at the picture attached to this post, and you will see the two ways to send Private and Visitor Messages marked in red pen.

    Let me know if I missed or forgot something, and I hope this helps if you encounter an issue worth reporting
    Me sending a message to Jlol.