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Stamping Out Evasion Exploit Users

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  • Stamping Out Evasion Exploit Users

    Hi there Hunters,
    Since the code bug was thankfully fixed by the development team's hard work, dishonest cheaters have had to resort to using the evasion exploit to get ahead of legitimate players.

    As a moderator here at the HXO Forums, I want to help do something about this.

    So, with that in mind, I am asking you to help me get these cheaters/exploiters/whatever you want to call them off of our servers.

    First, an explanation: The evasion exploit works by stacking high evasion items (high level gear) on low level Hunters. The coding for the evade mechanic must not have high diminishing returns, so the game sees a low level Hunter with a high evasion score and makes it almost impossible to hit them. Note: The same applies to CRIT, TEN, and ACC, but those stats are not what is giving these cheaters their illegitimate wins, it is the evasion. So, if you see a high level player who is constantly using low level Hunters, they are most likely using this exploit.

    Here is what you can do to help:

    1.) If you encounter a player you think may be using the evasion exploit, take a screenshot of the stats screen of the character that you can't seem to hit. If it is an evasion exploit user, this character will probably be level 1, but could be as high as level 20.

    2.) Post a thread in Gameplay Bugs (or on this thread), upload the screenshot and make sure to give the user's name and server number.

    3.) PM me, send me a visitor message with a link to your post, or post it on this thread.

    You can also help by making characters on other servers and leveling up just enough to see the arena rankings, and check to see if there are any possible evasion exploit users there.

    I may see most of your posts without you sending them to me because I spend a lot of time on the message boards, but if you want to be sure that the right people know about the possible cheater in question, please send me a link.

    The reason I am asking you to send me a link to your post is because, as moderator, I am able to contact the right people and get their attention on this issue. I don't know if it will result in bans or suspensions, but what I hope it will do is give the development team an idea of how pervasive this problem is. Since they are probably already working on a fix, maybe it will result in bans or suspensions.

    Thank you for your time. I hope that with your help we can rid HXO of these kinds of players. Once the evasion exploit or its users are gone, our gaming experience can be free from the stress of dealing with cheaters. And finally, our arena ladders will be topped by the users with the best teams, not with the lowest moral code.

    Happy Hunting, (And I am mean hunting exploiters)
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    Realy ? i was reporting players from s75 and many more u still dont do nothing i gave ur team all evidence with video proof and still nothing not even reply to my post im giving up of this game just dont get it why pretending like u will do somthing about that when u dont care , i do all dirty work for u and give u all proofs and u still dont do nothing ?


    • JLol
      JLol commented
      Editing a comment
      I don't work for the "team", I'm just a forum moderator. As moderator, however, I do have direct contact with people who DO work on the game. That is why I am offering to do this. I am just trying t help. I have no power outside of the forums, other than my voice. That is why I came up with this solution to try to help.
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    eva bug further unsolved?


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      make gear level dependent on the current character level and not the maximum level
      and that the array could be given from a particular level of trait like nen floor


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        she have canary in lvl 35 please anser me
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          Hope the Bugs is gone evasion!!!!


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            Hi Devs does Bugs fixed hope it fixed cause i top up hope bugger get banned !!!!