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Airship scores bugged out today.

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  • Airship scores bugged out today.

    I had an error with airships on s77
    I stayed logged in through reset and somehow retained yesterday's score.

    I ended yesterday at 12 loot points and 200 escort. 1st place in both categories.

    When I got back on, I had a gold airship ready to go, and noticed my points went up to 300...

    I checked the Daily quest pane and it only shows the one airship as having been escorted, but I somehow kept yesterday's score and my chances didn't refresh.
    The remaining chance I had was still there.

    My purchase chances per day for both loot and airships reset-

    This would definitely allow a player to get more points than their VIP level would allow them.

    I have no idea what would happen if someone at maximum VIP level used all chances and purchased all available chances, then encountered this bug.
    Retaining your previous (maxed-purchase) score from the day before, then getting more points than the game even thinks is possible.

    Thanks for your hard work, I hope it's an easy fix <3
    Shows me at yesterday's score still...
I didn't use loots or escort. If my escort points are 300, how have I only got 1/3 for the airship totals? I can only get 10 loot points with my daily chances. Getting to 12 means I would have had to bought at least one, but this shows 3/3 remaining.

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    it's bugged for me on S.92 I can't hit on the Escort button for 2 days now, missing on all the rewards because I can't escort ugh.
    Let the Battle begin!


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      Again today-
      and also had a Loot chance disappear without getting to use it.

      What a day to be alive XD