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  • Personal Bug

    hello, its been 6-7 days or so that i found out a couple of bug on my game experience. The first is about Solo/Hero Trial. When code exp is open on monday wednesday and friday, when i go for it, my loading got stuck at 99%, and the same happen with evolving stone trial when it open. Second but no least, i use to spend vitality on the last boss of every stage, that it is SUPPOSED TO drop red boxes. Its been a week i spent vitality trying to get boxes, and i got not even 1 in something like 5k vitality. That is not bad luck, is script, so please fix it.
    Best regards

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    Clear web browser cache then log back in the game or use another browser to pass the "stuck at 99%" stage (firefox, edge, opera).

    Bosses with yellow and red weapon shard boxes are not supposed to drop them every time you hit 'em. Developers did not disclose probability chances for whatever reason, but these chances are abysmally low for red boxes. Don't waste energy on those bosses, collect red gems needed for hero stars instead and use sky arena shop or events for red weapon shards.

    Forgot to add. Git your a**e back in Battlefield! Haven't seen you there in weeks.
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      hehe hey Joker, thanks for replay.
      Yea i have to try with different browser cause i already cleaned my cache but nothing changed, and its pretty strange cause only happen with those 2.
      About the drop rate, is ok not to drop everytime, but you know, once you get 0 box in 1 week of trying, seems suspicious.
      Sadly i'm always busy this period when Battlefield occur :C i would like to come back asap