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FheI king of Bug!

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  • FheI king of Bug!

    in the Greed Island, why he can caught us while we in long range? hows that happen? hahaha.. just pretty good idea..

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    no need for argument! he's clean coz he's VIP now! thanks again..


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      King of Crybaby ^^ maybe read forum before you complain.

      your accusing me for beating you.

      Joker,Random,Light can do that or maybe your just lagg so many people can do killing better than me for sure but i didnot complain ONCE

      Windwall Server 108 transfer to 109 as Vayne.that tactic on battle field very nice using windwall to get S card pk your own self using vayne but still ^^


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        greed island is a laggy buggy mess prob just a side effect of that


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          LOL FheI.. i love you!


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            Why is this in bugs section? That up there is not a bug, just minimap design abuse.

            1. If bully is around stay away from cards A and S

            2. Use minimap to move and keep your eye on that same minimap to avoid bullies - when they move even a milimeter, run away towards your base from wherever you are

            3. Use multiaccs and friendly guild members to create private matches without bullies around so they can rot (we can discuss it in strategy part if details are needed)

            4. Upon reaching 800 honor just stay idle in your base where a bully can't touch you any more - bonus caps at your 800 total so don't give more points to bullies who chase silly 50 honor for 10 kills or similar rubbish

            5, Battlefield is buggy as hell: blindspots, sprite overlaps, negotiation irresponsiveness a few secs after cards appear, "so close no matter too far" Metallica bug, negotiation invisibility after 1st death, etc etc, but bullying is not a bug, it's a poorly designed part of Battlefield

            6. Don't be a bully because sooner or later your server will merge with mine and I bully only bullies so it's you who'll leave Battlefield, not others