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  • Player Bugger

    this player natsu sever 111 got phantom sword but the 2nd day ML not finish yet please make a move devs
    IGN: natsu sever 111

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    Natsu also doesn't have nearly enough gear to be where he's at in the ML unless that phantom sword is seen as 15 gear


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      First so all know, I'm just a player. Won't comment on the initial report as I'd be repeating what I wrote previously.

      But this is new and needs explaining.
      Originally posted by Bl4nk View Post
      Natsu also doesn't have nearly enough gear to be where he's at in the ML unless that phantom sword is seen as 15 gear
      The ML day 2 requirement says "Based on the amount of purple+ equipment".
      What it doesn't say precisely is that it's increasing by 1 each time a new purple+ equipment ends up in player's backpack!

      This means what?

      1. You don't have to equip any of purple, gold and red items from your backpack, yet they'll still be counted.
      Now you'll ask why on earth you wouldn't equip better items. The answer is on the very same Mighty List where one of events counts refinement levels total and you need less refine stones for blue equipment than purple, gold and red!

      2. When I said it increases +1 per every new purple+ item, that includes:
      - purple+ equipment VIPs can buy with gold diamonds
      - gold sky sword from 1st buy and the one from #1 ladder spot (ever seen people asking guild comrade to let them take the top spot temporaily so they can buy it? well now you know why)
      - purple items combined from shards (some form map clearing, some bought in sky shop)

      3. Finally the key moment. I said increase. But I didn't say decrease anywhere. The number can increase and will, but it will never ever decrease. Gives what?
      You gathered 10 purple items. ML list says 10, which is correct.
      Recycled them all into sky coins and now you have enough coins to buy shards for 5 purple, for example, swords. So you make 5 purple swords.
      On the ML list it's now 15! As it counts new items you got. It doesn't care what you did with items you already received... Dunno... Last week?
      From these 5 you created you'll recycle 4 and combine them into 2 new which makes a total of 17.
      And then you recycle two, make a new one which makes a total of 18. Enough to get the phantom set item. Basically all you needed is gathering 10 purple items which you'll "turn into 18" but in fact will lose them and invest into getting superior phantom set item.

      Aka, no bug there.

      Note that books (codes) are not counted here. Just as with equipment, the idea is to keep equipped most of them blue as they need less bottles for upgrading than purple/gold/red ones. Until the event is over with, of course, when you'll just replace them.
      We really need the "first 7 days" thread reworked.


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        but main problem here is that player claim reward much earlier then he should (ofc he have enough purple gear-Joxer very well explain this), and today repeat the same bug with phantom armor, he know how get reward much earlier, which give him some advantage.


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          i am pretty sure tomorrow he do the same, cuz he can.


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            and 3rd day in row he do the same, tomorrow get last pieces, basicly support nothing do it, raelly sad.


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              Can you please take a screenshot of NEN ranking (NEN chart)? What's that player's place on it?
              Would be nifty to see today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (when everyone claim the complete set).


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                yesterday have phantom armor when 20 hour left for end event, today do the same, and tomorrow do the same with belt, i mean claim reward faster then normally.


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                  Fast click bug all u have to do is meet the reqrmnts and claim the reward as fast as u can


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                    I'r pretty sure that's the ML bug where you can claim the rewards even before the event ends