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[Bug(s) or a fraud] Red skin coin price

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  • [Bug(s) or a fraud] Red skin coin price

    You all remember (hopefully) when I posted that Hisoka's sale is plain scam:

    I didn't really research it more because well, hoped that was just one omission and that's it.
    But something poked my eye today.

    So I have a nice red skin coin offered on sale, an awsome 90% discount from original price that is 320 gold diamonds.
    OMG I need it to complete the skin and who cares about today's Battlefield freebie in honor shop, I'm so excited!!!

    Erm... Wait a minute.
    90% of 320 is (320*90)/100=288.
    320-288=... Definetly not 64. Where's that calculator...

    So either 90% is a lie or perhaps... Perhaps the original stated price is a lie? Perhaps the price of one red skin shard is actually 640 and not 320, in which case Unigame's staff' mathematics would be correct.

    So okay, I guess we need to check that original price somewhere else, right? It's not available in normal shop though.
    Luckily, it's available in another sale today, a sale called Groupbuy where 10 of those are on sale so we can just divide the total with 10:


    Does Unigame staff really think VIPs are stupid and won't check anything ever?
    If it was at just one spot, I'd suspect on a bug, but now I really got sick of finding these inconsistencies that scream "fraud!".


    Just received a screenshot from a reader with S-red skin allegedly on 90% discount.

    I'd be a millionaire if I ran a shop like this.
    Just kidding. I'd end up incarcerated.
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    they dont fix this
    if u dont read or have too many gold dx - they earn
    some events are better some - dont touch this
    Server: 70