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[Bad design decision] 2 for 1 "sale" on Evo Pills

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  • [Bad design decision] 2 for 1 "sale" on Evo Pills

    Am I annoying? Well, sorry.
    Anyway, 2for1 icon appeared in my game so I clicked to check if it's yet another gambling mechanics... It's not, which is kinda awsome.

    But someone who decided prices in it wasn't thinking, at least when it comes to Evo Pills. So here's 2for1 price:

    For 200 yellow diamonds we get 200 Evo Pills. Not a bad deal one should think.

    Well, no. It's possibly the worst deal I've seen in the game. Why? Let's see the pic with crates in Elite Stage (about any crate with Evo Pills):

    Please someone confirm because I don't believe it myself.
    So this crate, if we spend 100 yellow diamonds, gives us 11*50=550 Evo Pills.
    If we decide to spend 200 yellow diamonds and open two of them, that's more than 1000 Evo Pills for 200 yellow diamonds.

    Yet 2for1, for those same 200 yellow diamonds, is so generous we get 200 Evo Pills.
    I'm like wtf (sorry about writing that, but honestly I am).

    We sure one zero isn't missing in that 2for1 Evo Pills offer?


    Geez, I mean it's not the only thing. I should have checked the whole offer before posting.
    On the second page says, if we'll part with 800 yellow diamonds we'll get crapload of R-Stones4, 100 of them.
    Tons of stones, tons!

    At the same time we can get 150 R-Stones4 + 200 blue diamonds by spending 100 yellow diamonds on an Elite Stage crate that holds R-Stone4.

    Meaning if instead of spending 800 yellow diamonds on 2for1 once, we use them to open 8 crates with R-Stone4 in Elite Stage, we get 8*150=1200 R-Stone4!
    As bonus on top of stones we get also blue diamonds.

    1200 stones instead of 100? For the same amount of yellow stones?
    Oh and there is blue diamonds "deal" on the first page of 2for1... But not as freebie bonus like in Elite Stage - for 200 blue diamonds you need to show up with 80 yellow ones.

    Dunno about you but I know where I'll be putting my yellow diamonds, and that's definetly not 2for1 "deals".
    Last edited by Joxer; 12-16-2017, 04:46 PM.

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    I think the reason for this design is that the elite crates are limited, once you open the up, they are gone for good. The 2 for 1 sale comes and goes, so if you already opened your elite crates and really need some EVO pills, I guess you could use it. I personally only use the 2 for 1 sale for Vitality when there is an Explorer event.


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      when u think u never buy items from this event

      btw nice work Joxer
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